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General benefit department tells F1 Italy station battlefield report

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Weiteer (2 teams of red ox) in this sports season FIA large award surpasses one class equation in station match of Italy of the 14th station, by right of general benefit department connects extreme weather to use embryo and pluvial fetus from lever set out and win a victory finally, he became F1 large award to surpass the youngest cent station on the history to surpass champion player.

Face grim situation, weiteer uses extreme weather to use an embryo to guide next setting out in safe car, hold lead dominant position all the time in whole match, this is its individual and Gong Niu 2 teams win a victory first. After close therewith is backward of 12.5 seconds stride triumphant annulus made of baked clay Lai of car hand library is peaceful, and Robert Kubika (BMW Suobai motorcade) the platoon is in the 3rd.

Chase gradual change to work when circuit, general benefit manages the embryo that understand rain makes new choice, the decision-making meeting that when changes the embryo that use rain affects the result of the match directly. The 4th is over the Alongsuo that of contest is Reynolds motorcade, the Haifeierde of Suo Baiche team ranks BMW the 5th. Philip Masa (farad benefit motorcade) be over the 6th times contest, hanmierdu (stride triumphant annulus motorcade) be over the 7th times finally from car of the 15th hair contest. And Wei Bai (Gong Niu motorcade) obtain the last integral the 8th.

Baliqieluo (this cropland motorcade) with Sudier (Indian force motorcade) the tire of drying chamfer grain that two cars hand tries to use general benefit department to connect, when match drawing near ends pull in changed neuter recipe tire. Hand of the others car all is used or 2 times pull in strategy uses extreme weather to use embryo and pluvial fetus. Jimi Laikening (farad benefit motorcade) use rain embryo is in last rounds made the fastest group fast, time is 1 minute of 28.047 seconds.

Leave Meng Za, hanmierdu continues to draw pop chart of racing bike hand by right of integral of 78 minutes, but narrowed with the difference that accumulates 77 minutes of platoons to be between the 2nd horse Sa 1 minute. Kubika accumulates 64 minutes of platoons to be in the 3rd. Farad benefit motorcade accumulates 134 minutes to continue to rank in motorcade pop chart the first, stride triumphant annulus motorcade accumulates 129 minutes, suo Baiche team accumulates BMW 117 minutes a row the 3rd.

Next week on September 17 - 19 day general undertake associated a test in Heleisi, almost all motorcade can attend, the general benefit department that will use neuter recipe at the appointed time connects Potenza tire. A match general in September 26-28 day is held in Singapore, at the appointed time the soft that general benefit department connects and exceed soft Potenza tire to will land exciting brand-new Singapore street circuit.

Department of benefit of general of Song Qichun – notifies department of cycle racing motion advocate the engineer speaks of:
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