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Zhejiang 3 force person balata Inc. the 2nd board of directors announcement of r

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What thing of our company and trustee, inspect, senior administrator assures announcement content is true, accurate and complete, be stated to sex of the false account in announcement, misdirect or great omit assume responsibility.
Zhejiang 3 force person balata Inc. (the following abbreviation " company " ) the 2nd board of directors the 21st conference on September 18, 2008 9: 30 vote with communication means is held. Bencihui discusses an announcement to already informed everybody of thing of trustee, inspect and senior administrator at waiting for means with phone, email on September 12, 2008, the conference joins conference director 5 person, join conference director actually 5 person. The ginseng that Bencihui discusses is met number, call together, hold content of program, discuss official business to all be accorded with " company method " and " company rules " regulation.
The conference is chaired by president Wu Peisheng. Via be being discussed seriously, trustee attending the meeting votes through communication, agree with 5 ticket, abstain from voting of different idea, 0 ticket fashions 0 bill as follows resolution:
One, discuss passed " about issueing short-term financing certificate second reading " .
Agree with a company to issue dimensions not to exceed a RMB 50 million yuan short-term financing certificate, entrust traffic bank Inc. to issue short-term financing certificate this as the company advocate bear sell business. Distribute program specific content is as follows:
(1 ) financing certificate name: Zhejiang 3 force person balata Inc. 2008 year is short-term financing certificate
(2) publisher: Zhejiang 3 force person balata Inc.
(3) advocate bear sell business: Traffic bank Inc.
(4) the plan distributes scale: Basis " company of banking of blame of market of the bond between the bank is short-term financing certificate business is how-to " regulation, wait for repay the 40 % that financing certificate remaining sum cannot exceed company net assets. End on December 31, 2007, the net assets of the company is 14, 75. 440 thousand yuan, this period short-term financing certificate plans to issue dimensions to be do not exceed a RMB 50 million yuan, the proportion that holds company net assets is 35. 52 % . Forehead of specific hair linage trades the basis in the market between the Bank of China trade association registers the market condition when reaching hair line of business to decide.
(5) issue this period the purpose of financing certificate: Issue short-term financing certificate to be able to reduce the bank loan proportion of the company, optimize financing structure; Reduce financing cost, save financial cost.
(6) financing certificate deadline: 365 days.
(7) financing certificate denomination: RMB 100 yuan.
(8) financing certificate interest rate: Specific issue interest rate and plan breath means to submit to board of directors of company of accredit of shareholder plenary meeting and advocate bear the market money rate when the basis that sell business sends trade talks things over affirmatory.
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