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2 factories raise glue of refine of Aeolus tire Inc. can obtain " countrywide mo

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Recently, glue of Aeolus company refine 2 factories are awarded by federation of trade unions of China whole nation " countrywide model worker is young " honorary title, this is afterwards special honour is obtained again after they obtained Henan to visit paradigmatic worker small home in April 1997. He is the honor of our Aeolus company, also be refine glue faculty laborious uses 2 plants with one's shoulder to collar the great achievements below the knot.

2 factories have refine glue worker 335, 4.8% what take company employee, it is a solidarity in this Aeolus company big family up little family. Refine glue 2 factories although personnel is not much, loading however inclined the manufacturing important task that makes an embryo make an all sorts of sizing material and glue card fabric, it is the first working procedure of tire product line, also be the working procedure with all sorts of raw material very multifarious recipes.
Come for years, below the leader of the company labour union, Party branch that distinguish a works, 2 factories raise refine glue can insist to be a center with economic construction, unite and guide faculty development to develop team and group labor contest, promote rationalize proposal activity, produced labour union bridge and bond effect. Employee people unitive cooperation, formed everybody to care minute of factory, care divides the favorable situation of the factory, love hillock respects property, sense of responsibility of the mental become common practice of altruistic dedication, master increases apparently, become act vigorously of a solidarity to enter, the outstanding collective that is realistic seriously. Refine glue is brave in to argue advanced position in each 2 factories job in the company, achieve beautiful performance, it is besides the job, they or a warmth are harmonious " little family " , support life of meeting care staff, do real thing for employee, of the happy, life that every member can experience the job in this family enrich and carry praise honorable. They are judged to be factory of company advanced component for many times; The administrative benefit that began last year in the company year in establishing surveyor's pole activity with the company, second class is judged to be surveyor's pole team and group by the company; In begin " without harm " in activity of team and group, class of center of center of glue of refine of third class 1# , glue of refine of armour class 2# , armour is pressed delay group passed a company " without harm " team and group is checked and accept. End this year on September 17, cent factory realizes successive safe production 1221 days.

2007, the company is aimed at go up year of problem that benefit drops substantially, began early or late " clear function, search a question, erect surveyor's pole, elaborate government " activity and " pass through Liu Tao phenomenon, diagnostic government existing state of affairs " denounce treat of to begin administrative benefit greatly year, experience of management of boat of study Hao Hua Yu, around " 3 tall one low " the activity that searchs the side issue such as production, quality, cost actively, they seek an account around the problem, receive rationalize to suggest in all 122, carried out 45 via argumentation, among them the inner tube glue that employee of a gleam of puts forward increases look proposal, after the course is carried out, can produce inner tube rubber one year more for the company many tons 600. Bisect plant life exceeds mark issue with water, via be opposite two bathhouse have center of glue of refine of 1# , 2# transform, demolish big pool, raise shower head, classics after carrying out, last year in all section water 25116 tons, managing water expends 74092 yuan. Can be opposite for this around enhance security, increase production efficiency, raise economic benefits, the employee that raises rationalize proposal actively gives award, of this activity begin, invigorated extensive staff to check the initiative that places an issue. This year the company begins " dig go synergism " activity of golden cup contest and inclined those who hand in an embryo to make a ministry begin " I am displayed for company development one plan " in the activity, 2 factories collect refine glue actively employee rationalize suggests more than 180, be in at present classification, Baconian, make rectify and reform measure.
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