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Tire of 10 thousand force will hand in hand industry of Hua Na grain builds an a

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On September 10, in Chinese big public house beautiful brilliant hall holds limited company of Guangzhou international group ceremoniously (the following abbreviation " Guangzhou international " ) with Huanali autograph of agreement of cooperation of work college strategy arranges a ceremony, collective unlock both sides is produced learn to grind all-around of collaboration prelusive.
Limited company of tire of the balata austral Guangzhou city China (the following abbreviation " Hua Lun company " ) regard Guangzhou international subordinate as the enterprise, act on the principle of sufficient conformity and resource of scientific research of college of Guangzhou of have the aid of, strive to achieve fast breakthrough in own innovation job, with Huanali work college is built jointly " academy of tire of 10 thousand force " . Academy of tire of 10 thousand force will be in high-powered / exceed low broad section / low series child midday embryo, released gas from pastry is protected use child environmental protection of midday embryo, green child tire of ground of midday embryo, snow, low section is broad base carring capacity child midday embryo and relevant child midday embryo is new, dedicate to broad consumer oil of more safe, environmental protection, item, comfortable tire product.