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Bicephalous extruding solid is distinctive in China quicken dilate

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"When 2010, we are in China purchase a quantity to will reach 1 billion dollar. " solid is distinctive Pierre Kehuade of Asia-Pacific division president is accepted 19 days " daily of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, express, rise in price to answer the raw material inside global limits, solid is distinctive the pressure that the kind that preparing to purchase an amount through enlarging this locality will come to overcome cost to promote pair of profit.

Face the economic depression inside global limits and inflation, as the whole world the biggest tire creates a company, solid is distinctive get in the two end of industrial catenary pressure. In the upper reaches of industrial catenary, as a result of the wave motion of international oil price, the cost that created whole tire industry rises. 2007, main variety price appears domestic synthetic rubber basically concussion is climbed those who rise go situation, butadiene rubber is 17700 yuan / ton, grow 10% compared to the same period.

And in industrial catenary downstream, the whole world is truckload manufacturer is being compressed produce can, distinctive to the solid of main attack form a complete set for, it is a bad news undoubtedly.

Face the pressure that swims up and down, tire company seeks settlement way in succession, distinctive to solid for, increase a kind purchasing an amount is a lot of means in order to reduce cost. "We establish in Dalian investment this year 2 period factory, this one factory will be in 2010 put into production, basically face lorry and bus market. " Ke Huade expresses, tire of lorry, bus will be fountainhead of next profit point of growth.

Data shows, of our country carriage market add fast should add quickly at GDP fast, and the profit margin of large tire prep above is small-sized tire, accordingly, the business that Ke Huade emphasizes is fast transition, will drive firm later 2010 the development of business of distinctive whole China.

Meanwhile, adding sale channel also is one of pattern that maintain profit space, solid is at present distinctive there had been 750 retailing shops in countrywide construction, the profit that these retailing shops bring also produces the gain that business undertakes OEM is produced and scores for the car more than. "Car advocate people like generally more personalized tire, this is the new change of Chinese car market. This is the new change of Chinese car market..