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Qi Lu: Annulus oxygen workshop standardizes management

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Qilushi changes workshop of oxygen of annulus of chloric alkaline factory, standardization system changes management to enter the most pleasant stage gradually. According to guild of Chinese epoxy resin ( expert introduces, workshop of oxygen of annulus of chloric alkaline factory optimizes Qi Lu petrifaction ceaselessly refine each government measure, change with the system, the management that turns standardization, standardization, scientificly, drove a workshop each job is refined to essence of life outspread. The workshop already formed examination, assessment gradually now, rectify and reform, rise, checking science is changed, pattern of standardization, closed circuit management, assured device effectively long, how, firm move. In Qi Lu workshop of oxygen of annulus of chloric alkaline factory, every week the working habit that the check of each professional combination hillock of one already evolved into a workshop to fluctuate by regular job. The workshop organizes the major such as craft, equipment, safety to undertake associated hillock check regularly every week, built check change a problem to examine a system. After combining hillock check, the workshop makes the issue that examines every time form allot, accomplish rectify and reform responsibility person, rectify and reform time, individual to sign 3 fulfil. It is the effect that produces check of good workshop hillock adequately, the workshop still runs circumstance and manufacturing government demand neatly according to device, the hillock check content with weekly different establish, every week the 5 issues that give hillock examination undertake closing, bring into assessment, perserve.

Change through system of workshop hillock check, of standardization begin, workshop spot and equipment are managed by the extensive in the past, entered the course that changes management subtly. Chemical production, data of technology index, parameter, equipment, safe condition, thousands of strands and loose ends. How to make ground of each job from beginning to end communicates specific responsibility person, does ground of one hundred percent get executive? Problem of annulus oxygen workshop runs the government with enclosed system, solve effectively what promoted each spot issue directly quickly. Before the workshop is on duty personnel is attempering everyday the report on the meeting is on duty before today when the problem that discipline of circumstance, work, producer range occurs, because be oral,pass, hard to avoid appears omit ambiguous perhaps condition, specific controller often also for lack of supervise and urge, bring about processing not seasonable. After the workshop rolls out system of workshop problem general management, want evaluation class personnel to want to use a system, situation of place of crucial point of key of discipline of the be out on duty that records great horizontal class in detail everyday, work, workshop and searched all sorts of questions that come out that day, make clear rectify and reform group of function of personnel, assessment to wait. Such technical personnel go to work everyday, can the problem that is in charge of unit from him understanding in running a system for a short while, had clear knowledge from whole to the job that day. Workshop technology personnel goes to work everyday now the first thing, hint according to the system namely problem, formulate rectifies and reform plan, whole change the date to be restricted, constituent problem is rectified and reform.
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