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Home of technology of synthetic rubber of petrifaction of bright and beautiful c

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Butadiene rubber development and industrialized project traversed the rare land of company of petrifaction of bright and beautiful city a few days ago the expert checks, its engineering technology achieves international advanced level.

This project uses chemical institute joint development by petrifaction of bright and beautiful city and Changchun of Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is a country 863 plans and project of support of Chinese oil key. Rare earth butadiene rubber is with rare earth neodymium gives priority to activator, butadiene to be solvent for alkyl of monomer, oneself, the random that uses production of adiabatic and aggregate method arranges type high polybutadiene. The researcher broke through rare earth activator to be not quantity of element of balata of He Shunding of homogeneous phase property to distributing hard the crucial technology of adjusting control, captured glue fluid viscosity is big, carry quality of difficult, product to be not stabilized reach hard the technical difficult problem such as treatment, development gives technology of preparation of activator of rare earth of efficient, stable, homogeneous phase; Use at the same time enter makings, successive Chen Hua and adiabatic polymerization to manufacture technology continuously, in butadiene rubber element quantity and element measure distributinging control respect to gain revolutionary headway, mastered synthesis different element quantity distributings and door Buddhist nun the technology of viscosity. Industrialization of 10 thousand tons of class experiments to make clear as a result, catalytic active exceeds the highest active of system of catalysis of international rare earth, manufacturing cost is adjacent at nickel department butadiene rubber produces a standard.

Additional, petrifaction of bright and beautiful city still perfected manufacturing facilities and automation to detect control system, solved project enlarge problem, the design gives 25 thousand tons / year bag of device foundation craft, built our country the first 20 thousand tons / year butadiene rubber produces rare earth device, realized batch production. Try out of plant of a few large tire of product classics home, index of index of its course of development, wear and tear, fatigue resistance all issue embryo of nickel rubber tyre to have than same recipe rise significantly, function is achieved exceeded foreign congener product even.

Butadiene rubber industrialization produces rare earth technical development is successful, fashioned the whole technological process that has own intellectual property not only homebred turn rare land butadiene rubber manufactures a technology, and still can regard exit as the technology, raise industry of our country synthetic rubber to be in the competition ability of the international market.

As we have learned, the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem of rare earth different that academy of petrifaction of bright and beautiful city should change a joint development with Changchun of Chinese Academy of Sciences tries serial production technology to scored a success a few days ago in balata, produce a high grade product.
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