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Exquisite group trial-produce gives 25 series to exceed tire of line of midday o

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Recently, development of new product of half steel technology passes news of victory again, exceed low section by what the company considers to develop independently - tire of meridian of car of function of 25 series freeboard (UHPT)- - norms of 275/24R24 95W L689 undertook trial-produce successfully, undertaking each function checks at present. In trial-produce process, room of half steel technology is in of the relevant section such as ministry of 2 factories, production assist energetically below, implemental to all sorts of tool, capsule has elaborate preparation, examination, quality of all sorts of size of semi-manufactured goods component in trial-produce process are good, design of each construction parameter is reasonable, quality of finished product exterior is good, whole trial-produce process is more successful. At present trial-produce embryo is undertaking machine tool function detect in the lab.
As we have learned, 275/25R24 95W L689 is up to now the car of freeboard function SUV of level of the lowermost section that domestic development goes, top speed is meridian tire, this norms because section is very low, shoulder curve curvature is very small, outline design and construction design difficulty are very great, there also is a few big company to open the tire that issues so low section only on the world.
The outline of low section passenger car tyre that basis of tire of 275/25R24 95W L689 studies independently designs thought and design parameter to undertake optimizing designing, tire decorative pattern and side panel design are beautiful, noise is low, this decorative pattern already passed test of European ECE noise, the material white carbon black that green environmental protection employed in sizing material recipe and dissolve get together fourth benzene, product technology is in domestic banner level.
Through in last few years consider to develop, the tire of line of midday of high-powered sedan vehicle of exquisite group already formed seriation, norms breed is all ready, become tire of home's main high-powered car meridian to produce one of manufacturer. Its staple market is Euramerican wait for a developed country, technical difficulty is tall, the profit of the product is very rich and generous, have remarkable economic benefits and social beneficial result. 25 series exceed low section the research development of tire of line of midday of high-powered sedan vehicle, indicate the level of research and development of half steel meridian tire of my company raises a new height again.