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Dow Corning has introduced more than twenty types of Chinese-made silicone rubbe

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Shanghai, China October 12, 2009: Dow Corning's web-based business model XIAMETER ® introduced a series of Chinese-made silicone rubber products, and strive to better serve customers, particularly customers in China and Asia . XIAMETER ® Web site this month began selling through the silicone rubber products are set by the Dow Corning plant in Zhangjiagang and Shanghai, the production, including three newly developed gas-phase silicon rubber. Benefited from the products in the domestic production, compared with imported Western products, Chinese and Asian customers can in a shorter time to reach the product. "With our growing production capacity in China, and expanded business model XIAMETER ® silicone to provide customers with efficient purchasing, we have customers across the region benefit from the Zhongshan University won." XIAMETER ® Commercial Director, Greater China LUO Ying said. Since June, XIAMETER ® online business model has already begun to provide Dow Corning plant in Songjiang, Shanghai silicone oil and emulsion products. Chinese-made gas-phase silicon rubber Domestic gas-phase silicon rubber technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Fumed Silicone Rubber for its excellent physical properties, such as a higher tear strength and better elongation and other rubber products are widely used in various types, including rubber in direct contact with food products, wire and cable and so on. "Dow Corning silicone rubber in the production of gas-phase has been forty years of experience in terms of business worldwide. We are very willing to work with local customers to share the results of our proprietary technology." LUO Ying said. XIAMETER network platform recently introduced three new gas-phase silicon rubber are: XIAMETER ® RBB -2400 is a general purpose silicone rubber silicone rubber extrusion products have good processing properties, is widely used in button, bakeware, diversion pipes, kitchen utensils, cast molding, and a dedicated transmission and distribution cable accessories and so on. XIAMETER ® RBB-2420 silicone rubber with high tear strength and elongation, can be used for baby pacifiers, trademarks, labels, seals and other molded cast, and special applications. XIAMETER ® RBB-2003 silicone rubber is specifically for the Chinese and Asian market development of products, excellent processing performance, customers can meet the stringent requirements of the mold release. The product can use peroxide or platinum curing system for curing. For more information about the technical characteristics of products and material safety data sheets, visit XIAMETER ® registered users can see prices and place orders online. XIAMETER ® business model extended XIAMETER ® business model launched in 2002 created a precedent of organic silicon market, and lead so far. By XIAMETER ® business model, customers are able to purchase market-driven prices to the high quality standard silicone products, including silicone rubber-based adhesive, rubber, dimethyl silicone fluids and emulsions, sealants and silane. These materials are widely used in personal care, textile, energy, construction and automotive industries to enhance the product 性能, such as durability, stability, adhesion and weather resistance and so on. In June, Dow Corning announced XIAMETER the standard business model to provide silicone products to double the number than before, order a new platform upgrade, full-featured, enhanced self-service for customers purchasing products of silicone to provide more choices, also the first time to achieve the customer can buy from the dealer XIAMETER brand products. XIAMETER business model to 96 countries to provide technical services standards, and the first opening of the Chinese website. About XIAMETER XIAMETER ® brand of Dow Corning Corporation to market-oriented according to the price of the sale of standard silicone products. Was introduced in 2002, this business offers 2,100 kinds of products, including silicone fluids, sealants, silane, emulsions and silicone rubber. XIAMETER is stripped of unnecessary services, business models, through streamlined services, and web-based ordering platform provides cost-effective products. It is designed to serve the understanding of their needs, no additional service or technical support for customers. For more information visit .