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WACKER show for the transmission and distribution industry POWERSIL silicone ru

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WACKER to "Building the future on a solid past" (glory of the past, the strength to create the future) the concept for the exhibition, on October 19-21 in Beijing the Thirteenth International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition (EP China 2010) to show a new type of cable used to make shrink liquid silicone rubber. The rubber is designed for transmission and distribution industry, WACKER application development POWERSIL brand of silicone rubber products. The series also includes silicone oil (such as transformer fluids), and special grease. WACKER in this exhibition to launch the innovative liquid silicone rubber called POWERSIL 732 CS. It is a short curing time, easy-to-cream colored two-component compound, and vulcanized with excellent mechanical and electrical performance. POWERSIL 732 CS is the best material shrink cable. It is not only easy to process and can be customized to the customer process. All transmission and distribution applications POWERSIL products necessary to set the safety, quality and reliability in one, also has superior performance characteristics. POWERSIL? Rubber series has long-lasting water-repellent properties, resistance to tracking and arc performance and good low temperature flexibility, so as the application of harsh climatic conditions provide a special advantage, for example, for coastal or desert areas.