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Crop of glue of day of Thailand next year may be record-breaking

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Because the near future rises in price to stimulate Thailand south possibly advocate produce a division beyond cultivate an area to expand, natural balata crop will add next year Thailand to 6% , achieve a record new tall.
Thailand is the country of natural balata production with the biggest whole world and exit country, luckchai Kittipol of balata association chairman represents this state yesterday, predict 3.3 million tons to next year natural balata crop will achieve Thailand, crop estimation is 3.1 million tons this year.

He expresses, the supply that day glue increases will come from area of Thailand northwest ministry, this basically is a farmer very glad to see rise in price this year, stimulation they expand cultivate.

A few dilate that produce business in the car of Thailand are invigorating etc of Feng Tian Motor Corporation the farmer increases those who be in northwest ministry area to grow an area, this area has big unused land.

Nevertheless, market personage thinks this is an adverse information to natural balata price. The addition of crop of glue of predicting Thailand day will generate greater pressure to the price, at present Tokyo balata price already dropped bit higher from 28 years when achieved on June 30 this year 16% .

Meanwhile, global car sale is fatigued and weak, affected the demand to day glue. Tokyo industrial product trades business (TOCOM) the day rubber agreement that delivered the goods in Feburary next year closing quotation dropped yesterday 0.07% , sign up for 301.6 yen / kilogram; 0811 agreement sign up for Shanghai futures exchange 22100 yuan, drop 0.36% .

Luckchai thinks price of international day glue is at present exorbitant still, should drop to 270-280 yen / kilogram.

Study association data according to balata of Thailand Ministry of Agriculture, natural balata crop was Thailand last year 3.06 million tons, export volume is 2.7 million tons.

According to association of Chinese auto industry newest statistic, in August 2008, car monthly produce and sale appears to drop compared to the same period first since 2006. 1-8 month, car produce and sale compared to the same period amplitude relatively on year the corresponding period continues fall after a rise.