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Mi Jilin be deliberately mystifying should buy branch of mainland group tire

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According to Germany " economic weekly " report yesterday, the company of Mi Jilin of tire manufacturer France with the biggest whole world (Michelin) the competitor mainland group that already expressed to buy Germany of purpose (Continental) the desire of tire branch. MichelRollier of presiding apparitor of Mi Jilin company expressed to this print recently, "If abandon Fuleji to the group is in and buy the mainland,be willing to sell this branch in the process of the group, we can consider seriously and make positive response, although it is likely,experience comes from the block up of branch of European Union antitrust. Although it is likely,experience comes from the block up of branch of European Union antitrust..

But market personage thinks, this is Mi Jilin company in be deliberately mystifying, because it is clear about the tire branch of mainland group,be sold impossibly in the near future. Last month, mainland group is the same as Shefuleji the group is reached " peace " buy equity agreement. According to this agreement, shefuleji group of mainland of group general hold 49, 99% equity, be confined to status of its minority shareholder inside 4 years. Dan Shefu straps a group to promise the tire branch that won't tear apart a company, and great structural sex won't make reorganization to the company below the circumstance that agrees without board of directors of course mainland group.

In addition, intended be on the lookout of Mi Jilin company says to want to buy branch of mainland group tire to still have conceal oneself to manage on the suspicion of occurrence problem, in order to show oneself are very powerful still. Before, the company had been opposite Mi Jilin to release gain early-warning 2008 twice via battalion outstanding achievement, its share price has dropped since the beginning of the year go 40% . Playing to hard luck is, german mainland group also has released gain early-warning this year.

MichelRollier returns a suggestion, mi Jilin company is in 4 factories of Germany to incorporate likely. He expresses, raising manufacturing automation, depletion of numbers and factory to incorporate is only alternative to the company. Because the labor cost of Germany and France is exorbitant, because this leans only,raise manufacturing effectiveness to come complemental all these. MichelRollier

Announce at the same time, the production that the company will expand Mi Jilin in rising market and low income country and investment. He admits, "In this respect we reacted in the past not quite fast, accordingly must try hard to catch up. Although South-American market expands quickly to the demand of tire, but we are done well as adversary. But we are done well as adversary..