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Day glue crop predicted Thailand 2009 will add reach 3.3 million tons

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Chairman of Thailand balata association predicts 3.1 million tons to day glue crop amounted to Thailand 2008, and because glue price rises,stimulate glue farming to expand grow an area, day glue crop predicted to will amount to 3.3 million tons 2009.
Near future of LuckchaiKittipol of chairman of Thailand balata association expresses, estimation of natural balata crop was Thailand 2008 3.1 million tons, predict crop will achieve 3.3 million tons 2009.
LuckchaiKittipol expresses, the supply that day glue increases will come from area of Thailand northwest ministry, because the farmer is very glad to see,this basically is rose in price 2008, stimulation they expand cultivate.
Thailand is the country of natural balata production with the biggest whole world and exit country. Study association data according to balata of Thailand Ministry of Agriculture, natural balata crop was Thailand 2007 3.06 million tons, export volume is 2.7 million tons.