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Burmese 08/09 money year the plan exports balata 7 reach 80 thousand tons

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Minister of Burmese Department of Commerce expresses, 08/09 money year, burmese plan increases balata exit amount to 7-8 10 thousand tons, and 06/07 money year export volume is many tons 60 thousand.
Department of Commerce on September 20 message of weekly of cite Weekly Eleven, minister of Burmese Department of Commerce expresses, 2008-2009 money year Burmese plan exports balata 7-8 10 thousand tons, export income 100 million dollar, the export price of every tons of balata is in 2, 000 to 2, between 500 dollars, much will pass exit of border land port, export balata quantity through large trade pattern will slightly under 2006-2007 money year. 2006-2007 money year exit balata many tons 60 thousand.

The main export country of Burmese balata is: Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Indonesia, from port of border land commerce exit China is most. The breed with exit most balata is the RSS4 of low class and RSS5 class balata.

The main source of Burmese balata depends on the province end province, Meng Bang, Ke Lunbang, Yiluowa, Yang Guang for De Linda province, if open state, suddenly,solid is saved (area of the eastpart part) , whisk state (. 2007-2008 money year grow the country is the first month with most area, amount to 379, 765 acre. The agreement of countrywide balata crop 10-15% feeds domestic demand, the others offers outlet entirely.