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Cost of Thailand rubber trade is high year exit fears dropping 2-3 %

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According to Thailand " world daily " reported on September 24, difference of Le of chairman of association of Thailand rubber trade expresses, at present balata exports a quantity to decrease considerably, because manufacturing cost is exorbitant, cause export price corresponding heighten, the client gets lost the balata that buys other nation, wait like Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia.

At present Thailand balata produces cost to be every kilograms of 95 an ancient unit of weight, and export price is 80-90 an ancient unit of weight only, but still country of prep above other. If Thailand balata exports valence to still be resided,do not fall high, predict to export total value to will drop this year 2-3 % .

Cloth sea says deputy secretary-general of industry of rubber of Thailand industry courtyard, china last year with every tons 60 thousand 6, 000 an ancient unit of weight (with add of 33 an ancient unit of weight 1 dollar exchange rate is calculated) the price, buy the balata raw material with much hoard for speculation, and at present price heighten reachs every tons 90 thousand 9, 000 an ancient unit of weight come 100 thousand an ancient unit of weight, add Chinese Hainan island to be able to produce rubber every year 560 thousand tons, make cost of rubber products production low. Want China to still have stock only, can let Thailand lose the dominant position on cost of material.

Cloth sea still says, balata produces an organization to ever offerred to establish national balata orgnaization to the government, in order to promote the growth that Thailand rubber industry can obtain bouncing sex inside 5 years.

Additional, the person that the government still should give job opens an opportunity, raise raw material home to purchase scale, make rubber industry grow 15 % .

Industrial courtyard balata produces industrial director to differ yo to point out, policy agency ever was produced to offer to industry before this, make balata produce policy, prevent inferior quality product to enter Thailand, especially what China imports is cheap product.