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Hopeful of balata export income achieved Vietnam 2008 1.5 billion dollar

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Because balata price is rising,reach balata bumper harvest, balata export income may amount to Vietnam 2008 1.5 billion dollar.

Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency on September 23 message, vietnam rubber industry income of 6 months export exceeded the head 2008 600 million dollar, predict Vietnam balata exported income hopeful to reach 1.5 billion dollar 2008. Basically be based on price of international market balata to go tall, bumper harvest of balata of Vietnam home vast area, be like mid upland, southeast ministry and mid wait to all obtain good crop.

Vietnam is the 4th big balata of world to export a nation now, product export price is 2, 800 to 3, 000 dollars / ton, add to the farmer close bring a hope.

Newest statistic data shows, predicting Vietnam had exported balata in August 75, 000 tons, relatively the corresponding period increased 2007 6.7% . Value of balata export total prices predicted in August relatively the corresponding period rose 2007 73.1% to 225 million dollar. Predict 1 to in August Vietnam already accumulative total exports balata 383, 000 tons, glide compared to the same period 9.6% , but value of export total prices increases 30.5% to come 1.04 billion dollar.