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Demand of Russia tire market changes high end to the product

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Recently, the car that is fully loaded with large tire is ascended from black bayou bank hair pull Ge Weishen toward Russia cloth landing stage of port of Si Ke city. According to concerning sectional statistic, the sale gross of Russia tire market amounted to 50 million 2007, than going up year of growth 15% , sale amount breaks through 100 billion ruble. Among them Russia produces tire to take an in part, in addition 25% pairs when Russia produces tire go out mouth. The expert forecasts the sale gross that Russia tire sold the market 2010 to will be added reach 70 million, at the same time sale also rises exceed the speed limit. In the meantime, the entrance car that the market share of homebred car continues to be mixed to be in Russia to assemble by entrance car replaces Russia. This asks more the tire of high quality, namely demand is transferred to high-end product.

Because the entrance of costly product increases somewhat,Russia tire is above all. And import the current that lead increases will go down continuously. The expert is forecasted, to 2010 the Asia on Russia market produces the portion of business to will exceed 25% . In be, company of tire of homebred high quality scales brings business chance.