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Balata machinery achieves Chinese famous brand to have 5 large dominant position

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Have from outfit of Chinese chemical industry professional committee understands association balata mechanism, as the country annual the beginning that Chinese famous brand commends the work, this committee already advanced committee to recommend to strategy of Chinese famous brand piece child machinery of midday embryo balata is selected product of Chinese famous brand evaluated catalog 2006, strive to be in refine rubber device, shape the product of famous brand of the first batch of China that the respect such as equipment, vulcanization equipment starts a trade of equipment of our country chemical industry.

Go ten years, industry of machinery of our country balata is passed introduce a technology, digest absorb, drive in intense innovation consciousness especially below, make machinery of our country balata is in the respect such as precision, dependability, stability had qualitative flight, product technology quality reachs world advanced level. Current, the product such as homebred vulcanization machine, close refine machine, forming machine replaces an entrance basically already, hold our country to build tire project place to need child the majority market of midday birth device. In addition, machinery of our country balata returns a large number of exit, before heretofore world tire 10 strong in the balata that already 9 force are produced with our country is mechanical. 2004 world balata is mechanical in 36 strong ranks, our country shares 13 enterprises a list of names posted up to go up famous, among them contest of Guilin balata machinery plant, Tianjin reachs China oak to accuse technical Inc. to be ranked respectively oneself like Inc. of science and technology the 6th, the 8th, the 10th. As we have learned, the 1 / that at present sale of machinery of our country balata already took global market 3. Child equipment of midday embryo key, especially refine glue, shape, the equipment of type of a group of planes such as vulcanization, its quality is affecting the quality of tire product directly. In recent years, as our country child the abidance of midday birth industry develops quickly, to glue of vulcanization, refine, shape etc equipment demand is huge. In vulcanization equipment respect, at present our country already became the world's greatest vulcanization opportunity to produce a country, produced vulcanization engine in all last year 1200 or so, sales revenue makes an appointment with 1.2 billion yuan, export more than 200 among them, achieve collect amount to 20 million dollar; In respect of refine rubber device, our country is at present new on tire project is divided outside exceeding opportunity of big norms close refine, choose homebred equipment basically, sales revenue amounted to 1 billion yuan or so last year, exit is achieved collect nearly 10 million dollar; In shape equipment respect, homebred series child midday embryo forming machine, already was achieved or be close to contemporary international advanced level, held the market share of 80 % above of domestic, achieved sales revenue last year 1 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect 4.5 million dollar.
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