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The route of benign development takes balata machinery trade more wider

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Balata machinery annual report is new 2006 come on stage. Professional committee checks machine of balata of association of equipment of Chinese chemical industry statistic of economic norms of company of machinery of 29 main balata of countrywide shows, machinery of our country balata is prosperous, production value, sales revenue, exit is achieved collect wait for economic norms to all achieve the history tall, economic benefits rises considerably. The scientific progress concept that the industry proposes in recent years already was agreed with by balata machinery company gradually, machinery of our country balata stabilizes the benign way that develops continuously to go wider more.

Manufacturing sale develops steadily continuously

Machinery of our country balata is in experience 2003, two years 2004 " blowout " after type develops quickly, balata machinery industry realized soft landing 2005, continued 2006 steadily healthy progress. Committee of oak machine major is right the 29 units statistic of forms for reporting statistics, production value of implementation balata machinery 5.26 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 16.1 % ; Sales revenue 5.248 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 14.8% . With machinery of balata of this estimation our country sales revenue achieves 7.2 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 10.8% . 29 companies sales revenue has the growth of different level, and growth rate maintains mostly in 15% the left and right sides. Rate of produce and sale achieves 99% above, mostly rate of company produce and sale is 100% . The concentration of the industry is spent rise, sales revenue of company of 14 balata machinery exceeds 150 million yuan, accumulative total achieves sales revenue 4.757 billion yuan, 66.1% what occupy gross of countrywide balata machinery. Mostly slam the door of balata machinery company traditional pursuit " big and complete " practice, a variety of products already were walked out of " malign competition " predicament. From the enterprise current order form looks, the sale situation of balata machinery continued to value 2007, the concentration of industry product spends hopeful to rise further.

Economic benefits rises considerably

The integral gain ability of machinery of our country balata is in 2005 relatively grow considerably again on the base that increases substantially, from the profit analysis that reports an enterprise, profit relatively the corresponding period grew 27.8% 2004. Industry profit exceeds ten million yuan the enterprise amounts to 8, deficit enterprise only. The industry appears first profit overtakes 100 million yuan of industries. Analytic benefit to good reason, it is rolled steel of main raw material is in balata machinery annual is firm in have fall; 2 it is project embryo fervent, increased new economic point of growth for balata machinery, machine of vulcanization of Guilin balata machinery plant has 1/4 to be machine of project embryo vulcanization; 3 it is industry price competition gradually by turn into without foreword orderly. Of benefit improve to increase reserve strength for business development, many oak aircraft company is expanding workshop or technical reformation, raise productivity and level. 2007 will be oak aircraft company lasts one year of gain.
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