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Balata resource is used circularly

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Balata is essential industry raw material, applied field is extensive, only crop of tire of our country production amounted to 239 million 2004, balata resource is in short supply, develop to get used to rubber industry science, the expert is advocated, --

Natural balata and oil, iron ore, nonferrous metal is the main strategy goods and materials that the issue involves the national economy and the people's livelihood and national defence security, be labelled raw material of 4 big essential industry. In recent years, as the rapid development of our country economy and national defence career, the consumption of natural balata and gap amount are larger and larger, already became a large amount of another in short supply resource after afterwards oil, iron ore and nonferrous metal. Especially the rapid development of auto industry and manufacturing industry, make our country becomes the 2nd big tire of world to produce country and exit country. Add the world manufacturer of all big tire if Mijilin, Pulisitong, solid is distinctive wait to set a plant to China in succession, farther aggravate the wastage of resource of our country balata.

According to statistic, wastage of our country balata exceeded the United States first 2001, become country of world the biggest consumption and entrance state, consumption of natural 2004 balata already amounted to 1.8 million tons, occupy the 21.5 % of global total wastage about. Arrive from 1999 2004, consumption of our country natural balata grew nearly 80 % , import volume rose 2 times.

Our country natural balata advocate produce divisional cloth to be in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong. 2004, area of put into production of our country natural balata is 6.3 million mus, produce per year dry glue 560 thousand tons. As the rapid growth of demand of resource of our country balata, growth of resource of domestic natural balata has great progress hard, self-sufficient ability is very limited, year breach is controlled in 1.1 million tons, bring about our country natural balata self-sufficient rate, by 1999 50% drop 32% 2004. And supply of resource of world natural balata is faced with year after year to decrease again, its replace content the obligation that synthetic rubber accepts oil natural resources again. About expert proposal, our country should be accelerated implement the strategy, build abroad and natural balata to produce base, pass the construction of base of abroad and natural balata, dog and learn to basically produce the latest technology of glue country, the international competition ability that enhances industry of our country rubber ceaselessly and the control force to global balata resource. In the meantime, because the main raw material of tire is natural balata and contradiction of synthetic rubber supply and demand are outstanding, the country should adjust active balata and tire industry policy moderately. Want the admittance system of company of strict and normative balata, tire, of the quality that should promote natural balata in the round through technical progress and treatment production level and balata breed improved; Through the technology innovation improves the manufacturing breed that synthesizes glue and quality. In the near future, tire industry basically grows child midday embryo. Accordingly, the company should grow the variety of the synthetic glue such as latex of fourth benzene of balata of butyl of balata of different the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem, butyl balata, second third balata, halogenate, antelope radical mainly.
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