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Black disaster: Abolish spring up all over the place of oil refining of tire ind

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Our country produced useless tire to be 125 million about 2005, add up to 3.24 million tons about, among them 1.74 million tons of useless tire are used to indigenous method oil refining, exceeded the in part of useless tire gross. On one hand, cause by place of indigenous method oil refining " black is polluted " eroding us with unprecedented speed live environment. On the other hand, indigenous method oil refining is right our country this already very the balata resource of deficient also caused annihilative destruction. Indigenous method oil refining already arrived blame is whole cannot when.

"Earthy temper with fire " blossom everywhere

Rise quickly as the insecurity of oil energy resources of global limits and price, begin from 2002, hitting " trash is used " the oil refining of useless tire indigenous method of banner is in countrywide limits blossom everywhere. For a short while, the province such as Heibei, Shandong, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang all appears with useless old tire the underground of oil refining of illegal indigenous method is made lane. Among them only village of city historian fort takes this world of Shanxi province Fen to more than 10 farmers use oil refining of useless tire indigenous method; County of Hubei province Wuhan, flower hill, the Anhui province goes the earthy kiln stove that hill county all has oil refining of a few indigenous method.

The person that what reason lets these indigenous method oil refining be scramble for sth? According to the brushstroke Zhang that the insider calculates, profit of indigenous method oil refining is quite inviting, the flower can be built 779 yuan " earth " refinery, 3 two months can call in cost. The tire that oil refining uses is the useless old tire that buys from the garage, buying price is every ton 800 yuan or so, average 3 tons of useless old tire can refine gives 1 ton of oil, still have by-product at the same time -- near 1 ton steel wire. Every tons of price is in the oil that refine gives 2500 yuan or so, 1 ton of steel wire also can sell 1000 multivariate. 1 furnace can be installed commonly 7 to 8 tons of tire, petroliferous about 2.5 tons, produce steel wire to make an appointment with 2 tons, oil adds steel wire 1 furnace can sell 8000 reach 9000 yuan, and the capital of tire also is controlled with respect to 6000 yuan, one furnace " useless tire " but net 2000 reach 3000 yuan.

Environmental pollution is serious

According to the statistical data of total bureau of national environmental protection: "The 2 oxidation sulfur that oil refining of indigenous method of countrywide useless tire and reclaimed rubber production discharged 2005 achieves 480 thousand tons. " the pecuniary loss that discharges place of sulfur of 1 ton of 2 oxidation to cause by every is calculated for 20 thousand yuan about, the pecuniary loss that causes in all is 9.6 billion yuan about. More outstanding issue is, a large number of waste residue that indigenous method oil refining produces, a large number of discharged 2 oxidation sulfur (the 2 oxidation sulfur that combustion of every tons of useless tire discharges amounts to 200 kilogram) wait for harmful gas, had caused serious environmental pollution.
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