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Leather litter uses as the filler of rubber products

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Net of round-the-world the sources of energy learns, smash by Zhejiang abundant benefit institute of project of equipment limited company and peaceful wave assumes jointly " leather litter uses as rubber-plastic development of stuff stuff technology and industrialization " the project includes Zhejiang to save 2008 year the first batch of great science and technology are special.
It is reported, our country is big country of the machining center of world leather, curry, produce 1.4 million tons leather litter every year about. Divide a few by recycle outside, be discarded for the most part, caused serious pollution to the environment, also make among them albumen of high grade collagen and 3 oxidation 2 chromium can use resource a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Accordingly, the resource of leather litter is changed use the main task that makes domestic and international collective attention.
Zhejiang saves the leather of since our country to machine manufacturing industry to be saved greatly, also be plastic the strong province that produces with rubber products, this is leather litter use provided good platform. Firm of Zhejiang abundant interest reachs domain of equipment of green environmental protection to gain remarkable success in powdery body project, and institute of peaceful wave project reclaims in leather litter revolutionary progress is achieved in using research and development, two have powerful powerful combination, have an advantage alone.
Current, home all uses common flour to break equipment undertakes smashing to leather litter, the way of leather pink bead after smashing is older, can apply at producing second birth leather only, reclaim additional cost is low. If want to let leather pink be used at modified plastic with balata in, must achieve enough fineness, just be helpful for rising through reaction plastic the consistence with balata and leather pink. Be aimed at this one state, what institute of firm of Zhejiang abundant interest and peaceful wave project will use unique design is special and broken cut technology, leather to exceed grinding technology equipment to undertake smashing to leather litter, the carboxyl of albumen of the collagen in using leather noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch or amino pass the lotion that add a look or chemical reaction goes to Pi Fenjin modified, raise a skin pink and rubber-plastic the consistence of material, obtain the composite material with good performance, regard balata as the filler of goods, reduce the manufacturing cost of rubber products, improve the mechanical performance of balata, prolong service life.
This purpose considers to develop, use through changing second birth to the resource of leather litter, replace or reduce oil resinous dosage, reduce rubber-plastic the cost of goods, use the circulation that is leather litter resource open up a new approach.