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Balata bitumen is offerred to abandon old tire recycle brand-new way

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Recycle of useless old tire is a difficult problem all the time, concerned expert expresses, balata bitumen was offerred to abandon recycle of old useless tire brand-new way.
Scientist of Swedish book foreign citizen of Chinese origin Dr. Ceng Huayang expressed in Chongqing recently, in recent years, the developed country uses useless old tire at producing material of balata bitumen civil engineer, what had become recycle of useless old tire is brand-new way. He says, balata bitumen viscosity is tall, stretch big, raised counteractive road surface to generate fatigue break and the capacity that reflex break, have high temperature condition to fall permanent fight work of deformation can, reduced temperature sensitivity, improved the performance that fights microtherm break, prolonged the fatigue life of compound, thickness of thin road surface can be reduced below certain condition, reduce the noise that the wheel produces when the high speed on road surface rolls, improve comfortable sex of easy of drive a vehicle.
Chongqing city is nearly two years in crossroads of new memorial archway and construction of additionally two highways used balata pitch experimentally. Li Haiying of vise general manager of limited company of Chongqing city freeway development expresses, pave a road with balata bitumen, the effect is first-rate, this is construction the environment is friendly model and managing model the demonstrative project of the freeway. He says, chongqing freeway will develop limited company to will combine the geographical landform characteristic of Chongqing henceforth, accelerate balata bitumen to use step, have promotion of key of specific aim ground or bitumen of comprehensive promotion balata, use strong like ability of water of glue bitumen impervious good point for instance, apply its at the waterproof processing of karst geology channel, with respect to the ooze water problem that can solve channel effectively.