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Japanese food packs a design to consider to use survey circularly

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Commodity is excessive the problem that pack said a lot of years, not only did not change, have the power that grow in intensity instead. Well-known, japan is the world go up the most exquisite one of countries that pack, but in recent years, the notional development popular feeling of environmental protection, japan packs a respect to also begin to pursue the new style of simple, green in commodity. The importance of environmental protection, make the packing idea of Japanese produced change. When present Japanese businessman is being packed for food, use the raw material that does not pollute an environment as far as possible.

The design that pack considers to be used circularly

Japan the milk of 90% is put on carry out in order to have the paper package of crease line, this is a kind of very good education. Can make dot is mixed from pee contact use those who have environmental protection effect " green " product. Of this kind of easy squash pack not only manufacturing cost is inferior, and can decrease take up space, convenient send toward recycle treatment, reduce carriage cost. The cup that Japan's commonnest beverage Yakutt healthy drink also uses a kind of bottom to be able to be torn apart is described implement. After tearing apart bottom, people can an easily container squash, facilitating recycle is machined.

Japanese Tokyo holds contest of the design that pack every year, a beverage of bear the palm that is called Ecopac is packed, using extensively at present. Should pack mix by the chipboard box of 100% recycle the bag composition that fills beverage is used inside the box, namely box of bag of so called line (Bagincarton/box) . Main purpose lets people can part paper box and bag easily namely, send a loop to add man-hour to be handled more easily. Current, the wine on Japanese market kind beverage, use this kind to pack mostly. Another kind of new packing design that begins to be accepted by Japanese consumer is vertical bag (Standingbag/pouch) . Because open bag to make in-house liquid spills over more easily than opening bottle, because the mouth of this bag is special,design, convenient open. This kind of bag is packed basically is to replace plastic bottle. Bother, former plastic the 1/5 that makes dosage reachs latter only. Besides beverage, the edible that Japanese market sells is oily, also put on carry out with compound paper bag very much more, reduced plastic use greatly.

Of detergent of Japanese bowl dish pack, also can take care of the need of environmental protection euqally. Consumer first time is gone after cleaner, the cleanser that sells with vertical bag can be bought on market, pour cleaner into original plastic vessel to relay add is used again, make plastic container does not need to desertion.

The excellent design that a few kinds of environmental protection that Japan uses generally pack is only on, they can reduce the bulk that pack and weight mostly, reduce wasteful resource and the difficulty when collecting recycle to machine, more important is the health that they are helpful for safeguarding human body.
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