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Ethical heart - general manager of tire of the balata austral special interview

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The reporter asks: As home the biggest meridian tire produces one of business, hua Na tire sells well continuously in abroad, but subordinate " 10 thousand force " card tire is in of home famous degree not tall however. Excuse me you how do this plant look upon " outside tracery wall leaving inside the wall red " phenomenon?

Zou Yong Zhi: This likelihood and the fixed position of Hua Na tire in the beginning of hold water are concerned. Differ with the homebred tire manufacturer of great majority, since Hua Na tire holds water oneself, made advocate the strategy that hits high-end tire market. As a result of foreign market to in the demand of high-end tire wants than home many tall, it is good in what home sells that because this caused Hua Na,tire is compared in abroad. This year first half of the year, 73% what Hua Na tire exported a quantity to take total sales volume, and it is to demand exceeds supply all the time.

The reporter asks: Since demand exceeds supply in foreign market, why does Hua Na tire still choose to develop home market energetically? To the development of home market, does Hua Na tire have why concrete step?

Zou Yong Zhi: Hua Na tire is the Chinese's enterprise after all, because this makes good home market,be obligatory. As domestic tire market mature gradually, in the demand of high-end tire is bigger and bigger also, this gave Hua Na tire an absolutely good chance. Export market still is existing two huge risks: The abidance of the RMB appreciates to cancel with what the country exports drawback policy. Face these good luck and challenge, decision of Hua Na tire marchs energetically home market, strive to accomplish exit and two tactics of sale in domestic market to catch two tactics hard. Be aimed at the development of home market, we enacted measure of a few keys: It is to raise Hua Na tire to be in as soon as possible of home famous degree; 2 be taste research and development newly in the light of what the characteristic of home market undertakes having specific aim; 3 it is the quality that promotes us further, strive to precede competitor; 4 it is to make market promotion more, promote Hua Na the service standard of tire.

The reporter asks: A moment ago you also mentioned the innovation of the product, so is Hua Na tire how realize innovation?

Zou Yong Zhi: Ceaseless innovation is one of main power that Hua Na tire expands at full speed. From 59 kinds of norms that just introduce foreign tire to manufacture a technology, to breed of present more than 1200 kinds of norms, and have a few 20 products more year fill the blank that domestic tire design makes, the result that own innovation develops these researchers that are Hua Na tire. Our product line was covered nowadays 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26 inches of tire, released gas from pastry is protected wait a moment with tire, winter tire. We hope to pass the indefatigable effort of Hua Na tire, can supply the tire with be updated better to Chinese common people ceaselessly, can revitalize ethical tire industry truly, for Chinese win honour for.
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