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Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Guo Konghui

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Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Guo Konghui

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: Guo Konghui

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Professor Guo Konghui is academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, person of the Fuzhou City, 现任吉林大学汽车学院院长、博士生导师、汽车动态模拟国家重点实验室主任、国务院学科评议组成员、中国科学技术协会常委、中国汽车工业协会副理事长、中国汽车工程学会副理事长、技术工作委员会主任, ceng Renmei country is close hold bring car of Pacific Ocean of university guest researcher, international the project learns committee of technology of the 5th annual meeting project of car of chairman, world learns (FISITA) chairman of committee of technology of the 25th annual meeting.

Guo Konghui academician is in car system is kinetic reach domain attainment is profound related its, in tire mechanical model, car operates stability and person car closed circuit operate motion emulates the research achievement that waits for a respect to all reach world advanced level. He is the earliest a latter-day system is mechanical the learned man that introduces car science to consider with random vibration.

Guo Konghui academician is in of car vibration and load respect system, have the book that starts a gender to be in have main effect domestic and internationally. He is the car in domain of Chinese car science and technology operates stability, ride comfort, apply the brake and drive stability and tire are mechanical the main trailblazer that waits for a domain and academic leader. The theory of its system and experiment study, the experiment of high speed maneuverability that creativity ground solved home to fall in condition of special without large area test site evaluates a series of problem, design theory and real problem, obtained a large number of providing to have international the research achievement of advanced level.

Country of Cenghuo of Guo Konghui academician and award of progress of ministry class science and technology 7, publishing a paper domestic and internationally many 150, publication monograph two, developed large quantities of advanced technology person with abilities.

Guo Konghui academician was the development of science and technology of our country auto industry to make important contribution, jilin was obtained to save special grade model worker, throughout the country 1986 " 51 " labor is numismatic, countrywide returned overseas Chinese, bridge was had the honor to win to have tender feeling for 1999 advanced individual title.

Technology of Chinese car suspension and title of market seminar lecture: "Car front-wheel drive locates, logic sense, returnability and K&C are characteristic "
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