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Hair change appoint the requirement strengthens price of perfect report coal to

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On June 19, the country develops innovation appoint generate electricity to be carried out with coal to the whole nation since facing measure of interpose of current price case, the impetus that electric coal price rises too quickly gets apparent keep within limits, key contract price keeps stable, but appeared the contract cashs rate drop, price of coal of report of contract of partial blame key appears the circumstance that different rate rises. Recently, the country develops innovation appoint issue an announcement, the requirement is strengthened further and price of perfect report coal intervenes temporarily measure.

" announcement " put forward, execute highest price fixing to main haven and coal of force of distributing center quake. The haven motivation coal such as harbor of island of emperor of formulary the Qin Dynasty, Tianjin harbor, Tang Shan harbor makes the same score a storehouse the price, must not exceed on June 19 price level, send quantity of heat namely 5500 kilocalorie / level of price fixing of kilogram motivation coal is every tons respectively 860 yuan, mix 850 yuan 840 yuan.

" announcement " emphasize, strengthen counterpoise to nod electric coal contract to cash of rate superintend. Stipulate coal produces management enterprise in principle to must not change key contract consignee in haven, must not give coal of key contract report associated sale company undertakes selling, change is market report coal or other uses coal. The country develops innovation appoint concern the organization contract of key of statistic of case of unit ad valorem, calorific value, amount to cash rate, to pressing a contract the agreement carries out, cut down accordingly its key contract transport power planned second year, capture the price to violate income.

" announcement " requirement, various price is in charge of a branch to want to strengthen examination of electric coal price, according to " value standard " and " administration of price illegal action punishs byelaw " regulation, the key investigates coal to produce an enterprise to violate the act of huff of governmental price fixing, do sth without authorization; Through reducing coal contract of key of qualitative, shoddy, change belongs to the method such as the gender to covert sexual behavior; Ju Ji of intermediate link corner, fool case of raise up the price, violate highest price fixing or the act that manage poor rate regulation. To investigated typical case, should give through news media exposure.

The country develops innovation appoint about be being perfected further

Electric coal price intervenes temporarily the announcement of measure

Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government develops innovation appoint, classics trade appoint (classics appoint) , prices bureau:

The 46th announcement sets my appoint, come since June 19, 2008 on December 31, generate electricity to be carried out with coal to the whole nation face measure of interpose of current price case. Be fulfilled in the round and obtain actual effect of interpose measure temporarily to ensure, the decision perfects relevant policy further, inform concerned matters concerned as follows now:
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