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Custom is right declare at customs the formulary time of deadline

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Declare at customs deadline is to show goods carry arrives after port, law provides consignee or the time that its agent declares at customs to custom. According to the regulation of law of our country custom, of import content declare at customs deadline rises 14 days into the day of the condition to be declared from carriage tool inside, declare at customs to custom by consignee or its agent, exceed this deadline to declare at customs, collect sluggish to sign up for gold by custom.

Rise into what condition goods sluggish signs up for gold receive date to enter the 15th day of the condition to carry a tool to declare, and the 15th day since the day that mail transportation signs up for gold to receive post-office announcement for addressee into the goods sluggish of the condition. In addition, turn Yao carries condition goods sluggish call in since newspaper gold period have two: It is to carry a tool to declare rise the 15th day into the day of the condition, 2 it is goods carries the aim that twist ability carries the sun of the ground rises the 15th day.

The expropriation of sluggish newspaper gold is right the consignee that seems import thing or its agent. 0.5% what day asks for amount to be import goods C.I.F, the dot is asked for to be a RMB since 10 yuan, the person that be not worth is not asked for. Need to notice, the C.I.F of the import content that points to here is by the normal C.I.F with authorized custom, it is with foreign currency valuation. Among the buying and selling of the day nation foreign exchange rate that custom receives sluggish to sign up for gold by be recruited RMB of valence amount to. Because import content consignee or its agent exceed a kind of cost that legal time limit declares at customs to custom and produces,sluggish newspaper gold is, not be amerce, custom gives the sluggish that occupy to sign up for golden receipt also is not amerce advice note.

Custom regulation declares at customs deadline and collecting sluggish to sign up for gold is to use administrative measure and economic method, make import content declare at customs in time, quicken port to carry, make import goods to investment is produced and be used at an early date.