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Chinese Central Bank announces inside year go up the 4th times tone deposit rese

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Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on May 12 report (Yao Junfang of reporter Wang Yu) Chinese people bank announces 12 days, the decision rises from May 20, 2008, tone deposits money on deposit reserve leads kind of financial orgnaization RMB 0.5 percent.

This is the Central Bank rises the 14th times from last year, also be to rose the 4th times to announce to go up 2008 tone reserve is led. After be being moved on, deposit money deposit reserve leads kind of financial orgnaization RMB achieve the historical perch of 16.5% .

Bureau of statistic of 12 days of countries announces our country dweller consumed price total level April (CPI) rises compared to the same period 8.5% .

The personage points out related the Central Bank, reserve of deposit of the attune on the decision is led, aim to strengthen management of bank system fluidity, guide monetary credit reasonable growth.

Deposit reserve is to show financial orgnaization draws the deposit of deposit and the centrally bank that capital liquidates need and prepare to assure a client. The proportion that the deposit reserve that central bank asks holds its deposit total deposits money namely reserve ratio. Regard traditional 3 old monetary policy as one of tools, adjusting deposit reserve to lead is the important step of adjusting control fluidity.

Before this, the Central Bank is in on January 16, on March 18, announced to go up respectively on April 16 tone deposit reserve leads 0.5 percent.