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Rubber industry appeals policy supports

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Recently, organize by Chinese Society of Rubber Industry " useless old balata uses a forum integratedly " hold in Beijing, the expert inside more than 30 course of study that comes from countrywide each district and mainstay business delegate participated in the discussion of relevant topic for discussion. Face our country to abandon old balata to reclaim the current situation that utilization rate improves urgently and the phenomenon of a few disorders that exist inside course of study, the person that attend the meeting thinks consistently, our country should publish resource of useless old balata to use code or regulation integratedly as soon as possible, make useless old balata is reclaiming, use, the respect such as management has Zhang Ke follow, appeal the country is on finance and industrial policy, environmental protection policy, taxation policy support abandons old balata to be used integratedly.

Chairman of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry brings up Hong Zhen to say on the meeting: "The company should answer current state proper understanding, actively to be adjusted about economic policy, and the new condition that rubber industry economy runs. " he says, at present the country emphasizes the social responsibility of environment of resource conservation and resource recycle, protection and enterprise. Be based on this, he thinks, look from whole, existing useless old tire treats our country, use a company, existence dimensions small, benefit equipment of low, technology is backward wait for a problem. According to the central requirement about recycle of resource conservation, resource and protective environment, the country is necessary to enact mandatory code and ordinance, with action of normative industry, company, had used this one resource adequately, become useless to be treasure, change kill for benefit, make health of this one industry develops.

As we have learned, useless old tire is the main source of useless old balata, it is the harmful rubbish with accepted international. The country such as the United States on the history, Japan the useless old tire that Ceng Yin is a large number of accumulation causes black to pollute, lead to conflagration even. Useless old tire also is a kind can the resource of recycle, can become useless to be treasure. According to calculating, 58 % ~ is contained in useless tire mixture of 60 % balata can make reclaimed rubber and glue noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, use at the domain such as construction of rubber products, building materials, road, the synthetic fibre such as the nylon of 24 % of 22 % ~ can machine plastic products, the steel wire of 24 % of 16 % ~ is the raw material of high grade bedspring. Waste tire or high-energy fuel, every kilograms contain 27.5 1000 anxious quantity of heat, basically use at fuel of industrial boiler, heat and power plant in abroad.

About expert introduction, the year before last year of our country item abandons old tire to produce a quantity to be in 100 million above. These a few years, what our country abandons old balata is integrated use, as the development of rubber industry, had great progress, the reclaimed rubber development that fits national condition especially is rapidder. 2002 the total output of our country reclaimed rubber is 1.1 million tons, total 2007 output achieves 2.2 million tons, broke up one time. What our country abandons old tire is integrated use a level to still remain to rise. According to statistic of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry, integrated utilization rate is our country's current useless old balata 70% , euramerican developed country is adjacent 90% , and be in product structure, enterprise go up via battalion concept and technical level difference of as advanced as the world level is apparent.
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