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30 enterprises appeal: Industry of useless old rubber urgently policy support

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Does home abandon old balata to govern presence what problem? Benefit of economic benefits of the give attention to two or morethings when is if where,useless old balata used integratedly, society and environmental benefit? What relevant policy code does need make drive health of industry of useless old rubber to develop? Recently, the useless old balata that in Chinese Society of Rubber Industry the organization holds uses an informal discussion integratedly to go up, this a series of problems are spread out one by one. The business of mainstay of industry of many 30 rubber that attend the meeting hopes to pass this collective discuss, the benign development that uses integratedly to abandon old balata seeks an efficient way.   
"We should be optimized through product structure upgrade, ceaseless and normative market, raise economic benefits. Rubber industry must pass his effort to do work of circular economy, environmental protection after all, this is to enhance an industry to be in the important way of competition ability of domestic and international market, also be the key that the industry carries out famous brand to develop the strategy. " confront the company that be present, this word that chairman of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry brings up Hong Zhen casts the ground is phonic. It is reported, association will increase what concern a section with the country such as environmental protection to communicate, try hard through each, strive to accelerate relevant byelaw come on stage.  
Abandon the bottleneck that old balata uses integratedly
"Useless old balata basically is to point to useless old tire, the long-term open air of a large number of useless old tire piles up, take up not only much land natural resources, and cannot natural degradation, cause a bacteria easily, generation spontaneous combustion. But useless old balata also is a kind can the resource that second birth uses. World each country especially the developed country already published all sorts of measure in succession, adopt advanced technique and technology apply those who increase pair of useless old balata is integrated use. " useless balata of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry uses mark of cloud of branch expert summer integratedly to say to the reporter.  
Since founding a state, our country useless balata uses an industry to reclaim use useless old balata many tons 1800, accumulative total creates production value for the society many yuan 320. Current, industry of our country rubber already used an industry integratedly to obtain apparent progress in useless old balata, the product produces limits to involve pink of reclaimed rubber, vulcanized rubber and old tire face-lifting to wait, foster expanded those who devote oneself to to useless old balata is handled and be used is economy of loop of a batch of development, large and medium-sized enterprise. Be worth what carry is, technology of production of our country reclaimed rubber has been in international banner level, occupied the 88% above of utilization rate of useless old balata 2007.  
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