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Hot, cold turn over job of compensate of tire overhaul manage to run way

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Embryo of manage compensate overhaul handles a principle

1. Manage compensate embryo handles basic principle to be the part that has repaired via searching fetal factory, like tread glue, repair piece, tread is repaired, foot opening position is repaired... etc, when because use undeserved attaint,be not, accept manage compensate.

2. The breakdown reason of overhaul embryo can distinguish turn over an embryo undesirable, use undeserved or carcass is undesirable, generally speaking, belong to turn over an embryo undesirable person, if rate of tread wear and tear is less than 20 person accept manage compensate.

3. The overhaul embryo that accepts manage compensate depends on his rate of wear and tear of tread of computation of deepness of odd decorative pattern, with amount of computational manage compensate.

4. After the breakdown reason of overhaul embryo should take a picture by professional appraisal, make it is written report with the basis that serves as processing.

5. If cannot decide breakdown reason, means of its manage compensate sells a year of less than for overhaul embryo, manage compensate 50% , the person that shipment time exceeds a year, reject manage compensate.

Chinese tire overhaul uses association

Job of compensate of overhaul embryo manage runs way

Of the first entry

Use square legitimate rights and interests to safeguard retreaded tyre to produce enterprise, sale to just be mixed, coordinate and handle 3 person the relation in the activity of compensate of retreaded tyre manage between, perfect servive routine of technology turning over an embryo further, market of normative retreaded tyre, reasonable compete fairly with protection, make this way especially

The 2nd suitable scope

This method is used at establishing the retreaded tyre in churchyard of People's Republic of China to produce a business. (point to pair of face-lifting agglutinate and tread and fill to fill up makings quality by force to be in charge of)

The 3rd basis

1. Rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China protects a law.

2. People's Republic of China produces character to measure a way.

3. The level of state of People's Republic of China of the respect of concerned car retreaded tyre that the country pledges inspect branch releases:

GB7037 " renovate and repair tire (inclined hand in) " ;

GB14646 " renovate and repair tire (meridian tire) " ;

GB9766 " tire is used with maintain regulations " etc.

1. The occupation standard of chemical industry of People's Republic of China that ministry of former chemical industry issues People's Republic of China;

HG/T2177 " tire exterior quality "

2. Industry standard: Of short duration does not have national level, executive industry standard.

Limits of compensate of the 4th consecution
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