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Glue of butyl of useless old halogenate uses difficult problem to obtain solutio

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Aid financially by foundation of Chinese country science and American science foundation, university of Beijing chemical industry takes the lead in the system of applies to the balata that contain bittern agent of hot reversible cross-linking of research and development, can abandon the halogenate butyl glue with high price old product and leftover material, make have glue of thermoplastic halogenate butyl vulcanization (also include other to contain bittern balata) , raise the utilization rate of material of halogenate butyl collagen. According to introducing, this technology changes a recipe only and do not change the manufacturing technology of rubber products, because this suits existing manufacturer very much,use.

Traditional balata vulcanization is covalent cross-linking network is formed between balata element catenary, forms covalent cross-linking key is not reversible, lose after balata classics vulcanization thermoplastic, it is very difficult to because this abandons the rework of old product and leftover material,be used. Development has already thermoplastic processability, have vulcanization glue again the balata of superior performance, be come a few years the effort of worker of domestic and international scientific research target. The cross-linking network configuration of this kind of balata and traditional vulcanization glue are identical, but cross-linking key is the covalent bond with reversible heat, because this can pass hot-working method shape again, and the mechanical function below room temperature can be rivalled with traditional vulcanization glue.

As oil price rise ceaselessly, this already the butyl with expensive Mao kind raw material price also resides balata not to fall high, reclaim the rework of rubber products and leftover material is used highlight economic value, technology of cross-linking of hot reversible covalent bond but from go up at all the loop that solves halogenate butyl glue uses difficult problem. This technology basically is used at the chloridize butyl glue with high price and bromine to change the hot reversible cross-linking of butyl glue, use agent of hot reversible cross-linking to replace traditional vulcanization recipe, do not change goods to manufacture technology, make the halogenate butyl balata of cross-linking is had thermoplastic processability, facilitating leftover material and the treatment that abandon old product answer with, raise utilization rate of raw material of halogenate butyl glue, reduce product cost. In the meantime, this technology still can be used at the hot reversible cross-linking of balata of other special type, include: Balata of black cross-linking acrylic ester, glue of halogenate second third, chloric mellow balata (chloric aether balata) , chloridize polyethylene, soft qualitative pvc.

As we have learned, at present wastage of glue of countrywide halogenate butyl amounts to 50 thousand tons of / year, the inner liner that basically is used at inner tube or tire, medical glue stuff, waterproof a material, weather strip, annual only leftover material has 10 thousand tons of dimensions, use new technology to have urgent need to the treatment of leftover material. In addition, the wastage of glue of countrywide other special type is very considerable also, for example: Glue of chloridize second third 10 thousand tons of / year, acrylic ester balata 0. 80 thousand tons of / year, chloridize polyethylene 10 thousand tons of / year, chloric mellow glue 0. 50 thousand tons of / year. Accordingly, technology of hot reversible cross-linking is having wide applied perspective.
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