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Hair change appoint the support that weigh gold abandons old tire to use

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Through by a definite date of 9 months declare and evaluate, major industry technology develops 2007 year nation special project is decided at was being knocked finally recently. Resource of useless old tire uses an industry integratedly to have 9 projects selected. National hair changes appoint will invest 29 million yuan of special fund to these projects, strive to break through the technical bottleneck that the industry grows at an early date.

The generation that our country abandons old tire is measured with annual the rate of two digit rises, the generation capacity 2007 predicts to be able to be amounted to 1. 600 million to 1. 800 million, be next to the United States. According to the pace is calculated first, 2007, our country tire renovates a quantity to be expected to break through 12 million, reclaimed rubber crop can amount to 2 million tons, glue pink crop can amount to 500 thousand tons, microtherm splitting decomposition produces fuel oil to be able to amount to 50 thousand tons. To 2010, entire industry predicts to be able to be national accumulative total the of all kinds resource such as managing oil, balata, rolled steel makes an appointment with 6.76 million tons, value 101.6 billion yuan. Among them, managing balata resource makes an appointment with accumulative total 4.13 million tons, value 49.6 billion yuan.

For this, national hair changes appoint 9 projects such as oily essence of lemon of production of will useless old tire include major industry technology development special, those who encourage an enterprise to strengthen resource of pair of useless old tire is integrated use.

Hair change appoint requirement, the enterprise that undertakes a project wants active play to produce learn to grind associated advantage, join and coordinate what strengthen research and development and project of form a complete set, demonstrative project, ensure the plan of the project, quality and level. Hair change appoint still express, after these projects have certain requirement, still will separately make known to lower levels invests a plan.