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Ultrasonic is in the action in balata second birth

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The whole world should produce many tons 10130 useless old rubber every year, form serious pollution to the environment, useless balata is used to have important sense by second birth as a kind of valuable resource. The production method of reclaimed rubber is very much, law of sulfur of crowded manage to sell of if oily law, water is oily law of to decoke of law, fast agitate, successive evacuate and law of microwave to decoke. But they all are put in certain defect. The law of ultrasonic to decoke that appears recently has quality of efficient, environmental protection, product advanced advantage, already was paid close attention to extensively.

Ultrasonic uses acoustical cavitation function but the local seat that half energy bolts at the element centrally, this kind of local energy can produce breathtaking result, the energy in destroying vulcanization glue bolts than C-C low C-S key and S-S bolt, the destruction that has a choice thereby balata is three-dimensional network structure, is not macromolecule key ruptures. Had many test for this people, invented corresponding device.

Pelofsky sent palpability early to make the device with deliquescent in organic dissolvent balata with ultrasonic 1973. After this, aotianchangxing mixes Japanese the patent that many wild Baofushen asked ultrasonic reclaimed rubber, they are elaborated in patent, without giving thought to polarity or glue of blame polarity vulcanization, after the ultrasonic action 20min that should be given out by the supersonic power generator of 500W of frequency 50kHz power, three-dimensional structure appeared to change, c-S key and S-S key rupture, and C-C key medium is in good condition, realized the to decoke of vulcanization glue. Their balata desulphurization hind is new vulcanization, the balata after the result discovers desulphurization has as similar as former glue property, afore-mentioned it is the earliest report about what will undertake desulphurization with ultrasonic, its produce the process is discontinuity.

Lsayev most the successive to decoke that foretaste tries to install supersonic power generator to realize balata on extruder nose. Lsayev and its work in the same placing are opposite not in the test that glue of fill NR vulcanization has, deliver initiative now level, when increasing supersonic amplitude, desulphurization is spent increase, but after raising fixed cost, desulphurization is spent reduce instead, namely desulphurization spends existence a maximum. To this, their explanation because ultrasonic not only have desulphurization effect, and still exist at the same time again vulcanization action. The person such as Eduardo undertook to silver-colored chrysanthemum glue desulphurization experiments, the result has a bit different, they discover, when ultrasonic power is less than 100W, cross-linking density has a bit along with the addition of ultrasonic power increase, cross-linking density drops. This makes clear, in low power level, of ultrasonic rise added vulcanization effect.
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