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Child the research and development of reclaimed rubber of production of pink of

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The main raw material of reclaimed rubber originates useless old tire. Reclaimed rubber of tire of conventional technology production basically uses nylon inclined make tire, the developed country washed out nylon basically inclined hand in an embryo, turn and be produced and used steel wire child midday embryo, and our country child midday birth rate rises special fast, market share, also rise in year after year, show according to the data 2005 child midday is changed rate more than 55% . In nylon inclined hand in an embryo to decrease increasingly mix the circumstance that expands ceaselessly plays a scope of reclaimed rubber factory. How to apply useless old child reclaimed rubber of tire of production of pink of midday embryo glue, it is a problem that place of reclaimed rubber manufacturer faces!

Meridian tire, call green tire, quality demand is high, he has can obstruction of bring down scroll, the characteristic such as specific fuel consumption, its tread many composite material, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure thorn is plunged into and taller flexibility; Tread is able to bear or endure bend flinch, be able to bear or endure tear off wait for a characteristic, it is like inclined hand in an embryo onefold in that way. And the desulphurization technology that industry of our reclaimed rubber uses generally is make below the condition of high temperature, high pressure vulcanization glue produces free sulfur, and the natural glue demand that desulphurization compares the temperature of vulcanization the tradition namely is high, the desulphurization craft that masters embryo of very meridian steel wire is crucial. Mixed 2004 2005 two years, already finished old to abandoning steel wire child the desulphurization craft of pink of midday embryo glue, successful research and development went out child the careful reclaimed rubber that production of pink of midday embryo glue comes out. Among them tensile strength can amount to 12.0MPa, pull percentage elongation 390% above, got good market and client are evaluated.

We change method of traditional to decoke and refine glue technology, give above of tensile strength 15.0MPa through developing successful research and development, pull percentage elongation the high-powered reclaimed rubber of 400% above. Alleged high-powered reclaimed rubber can hold the physics with the original polymer in reclaimed rubber and treatment property effectively more namely, must assure to make sulfur key cuts off carbon and do not destroy carbolic carbon key of vulcanization glue selectively, withhold balata thoroughly thereby advocate key macromolecule. He needs to control good door Buddhist nun effectively viscosity, acetone extraction content and splitting decomposition degree. Remenni viscosity is too big, although can get very good reproducibility. But cause easily in coking plant process anxious burn, and be not accepted by the client. Quantity of acetone extraction content is right amount decrease, reclaimed rubber may get better physical performance, it basically depends on with additive second birth agent, but the add report that also gets oxygen is controlled more. Degree of splitting decomposition of glue of the vulcanization in second birth takes out a quantity to come with the material of small element judge calm, surpass level again inside certain limits deeper, elicit an amount bigger.
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