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Mix into manufactures the technology of butyl reclaimed rubber with butyl capsul

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As butyl reclaimed rubber mass-produced with application, resource of domestic butyl useless inner tube is close already dried up, demand exceeds supply, and skyrocket. Price of capsule of Dan Ding radical is done not have however too big rise in price, the price differs four yuan / ton. Using capsule to produce reclaimed rubber so is best drop the cost, plan that increases profit. Because butyl capsule belongs to colophony vulcanizing system, with conventional treatment technology the standard of reclaimed rubber of very inaccessible butyl is mixed requirement, it is to use no matter fry make the standard of law, butyl reclaimed rubber that presses a law to cannot achieve place of manufacturing butyl inner tube to use.

The second birth principle of butyl reclaimed rubber

The manufacturing process of reclaimed rubber of butyl useless inner tube basically is " desulphurization " reaction process. Just as its name implies, it is an as contrary as vulcanization process. However, be when desulphurization and take off without the sulfide the union in vulcanization glue, recover from an illness vulcanization glue impossibly to the structural condition of unripe glue namely, just make catenary mixes partial macromolecule cross-linking structure is destroyed, have the feature that polymer degradation reacts.

The renewal process of butyl capsule reclaimed rubber is very complex gentle is slow, it produces unlike reclaimed rubber of butyl useless inner tube " the process heats up oxidation -- depolymerization " two processes. Its process should be passed " mechanical action is broken -- hot oxidation -- dissolve bilges -- activation -- mechanical depolymerization " wait for 5 processes.

One, mechanical action

Destroy the reticulate structure of capsule directly with machine opening temper with fire or broken glue machine.

Machine opening temper with fire will broken or cut broken capsule to undertake sheeting, undertake next thin, form chip, ply is 1mm ~ 0.5mm. But speed of this kind of method slow, efficiency is low. (relapse thin to without grain till)
Have broken effect with crusher apparent excel flies refine plane. The tine that use sheet rolls crusher to want to be ground repeatedly only press 10 ~ 14 times, can achieve use requirement. (grind the glue after pressing without grain)

2, hot oxidation -- activation -- dissolve bilges

Will broken the raw material investment after holds refine machine to undertake holding temper with fire. The reticulate structure be heated of vulcanization glue can produce depolymerization reaction. Join bate activator, make vulcanization glue produces dissolve to bilge, reticulate structure is flabby, increased the osmosis of oxygen, its accelerated desulphurization process as a result. The action of second birth activator, be a freedom radical can be decomposed in renewal process, it accelerates hot oxidation rate on one hand, can stabilize the macromolecule freedom that already ruptured on the other hand base, accelerate the splitting decomposition rate of vulcanization structure thereby, put the raw material after holding temper with fire present aspirant travel to drop in temperature, right now sizing material already became glue farinaceous. (as similar as the natural glue pink after desulphurization) should use a hand only him pink of a batch of glue can wriggle, this kind of condition proves desulphurization effect is best. Glue pink drops in temperature process, first when flip through 2 come 3 times, smokeless already volatilize till (otherwise easy spontaneous combustion) . The glue pink park after dropping in temperature not less than 24 hours. Make emollient activator undertakes to reticulate structure dissolve bilges further, oxidation (if can extend park time,be to 7 days best) .
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