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Customs total office abandons broken makings and issue of leftover pieces import

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Latter, domestic share port discovers the enterprise violates compasses entrance to abandon balata, balata to abandon the case of broken makings and leftover pieces frequently. Appear the reason of this kind of circumstance is not familiar with custom at the enterprise relevant policy, cause classify error. Undertake unscrambling to relevant policy, conduce to an enterprise avoiding similar mistake.

Ask: He Wei " does balata abandon broken makings and leftover pieces " ?

Answer: " tax regulations of imports and exports of People's Republic of China " reach " commodity of tax regulations of imports and exports and items annotate " right " balata abandons broken makings and leftover pieces " be like next explanations: Items says 40.04 times " balata (ebonite except) useless broken makings and leftover pieces " , it is to point to in be produced in balata or rubber products or machining a process as a result of cut, wear away or the useless balata that other reason cannot press balata apparently or rubber products uses and leftover pieces. Include: Be in not vulcanization or vulcanized rubber (ebonite except) the useless broken material that produce or produces in treatment process and leftover pieces. Because delimit,cut, wear away or the balata kinds or types of goods that other reason cannot make former utility use again apparently (ebonite except) . For example, cannot renovate again wear away balata tire and the broken material that make by its belong to this kind namely. Wear away balata tire broken makings makes by the following working procedure normally: 1, use special machine, as far as possible steel wire of bead of press close to or bead cut tire; 2, rip go tread; 3, mincing. What require an attention additionally is, the old tire that can renovate should classify items 40.12. Make gotten pink, bead with two afore-mentioned kinds or types of goods. This kind of article is formed by the scrap rubber end of vulcanized rubber, the material of the usable road surface that make a shop or it is with other balata base the filling of the mixture of makings, also can note moulding to become directly do not need too the article of high strenth.

Ask: "Does balata abandon broken makings and leftover pieces " easy with what notional interblend?

Answer: "Reclaimed rubber " , " not vulcanization is compound balata " with " balata abandons broken makings and leftover pieces " relatively similar, but not identical. Items of 40.03 " reclaimed rubber " it is flotsam of the horn side point to all sorts of useless old vulcanized rubber and vulcanization the course smashs, desulphurization, fine after the physico-chemical processing of 3 working procedure, by elastomer change is plasticity body and can again the balata of vulcanization. Reclaimed rubber compares new gum quality because of containing sulfureous or other vulcanizing agent of remain to differ, plasticity and agglutinant bigger than new gum also. Items 40.03 include primary form or board, piece, zonal reclaimed rubber, whether to mix no matter new gum or other accretion pledge, the main feature that wants a product to have reclaimed rubber only can classify this kind. Reclaimed rubber uses embryo of outer embryo, a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man, rubber overshoes, gum in great quantities in the rubber products such as canal, glue board, replaceable part is born glue, also can make balata product alone. Items of 40.05 " not vulcanization is compound balata " include to already was mixed other material hybrid is natural balata, Balada glue, gutta-percha, Yin Jiaoju glue, candy gum is gummy reach similar natural balata, synthetic rubber, from oil kind medium the ointment of extraction and. Can include with its compound material among them: Vulcanizing agent, accelerant, antiscorching agent, activator (to make beforehand afore-mentioned corporeal exception that vulcanization latex adds) , dye or other and chromatic makings (the exception that adds to identify function only) , plasticizer or extender (the mineral oil except that oil fills balata place to contain) , filling, . Must notice items the product of 40.05 is point to primary appearance or board, piece, zonal not vulcanization is compound balata, not vulcanization is compound the useless broken makings of balata reachs leftover material to still answer classify items falls 40.04 times.
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