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Developed country of industry of reclaimed rubber of Chinese ascend body

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The trade of countrywide reclaimed rubber that 12 ~ opened 13 days in Henan Jiao Zunshao in November 2007 expresses about the personage on working conference, industry of our country reclaimed rubber is in scale of production, enterprise form a complete set of class of dimensions, breed, engineering technology, equipment, exit is achieved collect wait for a respect to already all reached the world banner level. Afterwards 80 time become 20 centuries the whole world is the greatest after reclaimed rubber produces a country, our country already ascended cavalcade of developed country of industry of reclaimed rubber of body whole world.

Come from Chinese tire overhaul and loop to use association to recover from an illness the statistical report of balata branch shows, 2006, our country produces reclaimed rubber 1.65 million tons, 85% what hold total output of world reclaimed rubber. Up to now, our country already can be produced include the 7 old series such as tire, rubber overshoes, miscellaneous glue, light color, special, special type, exit the reclaimed rubber product of 30 many breed; The whole nation already had reclaimed rubber company many 700, amount to 100 thousand person from trade number; Formed Shanxi to make the same score this world of Yao, Fen, city of Heibei jade cropland, dark blue, jiangsu Nantong, a few dimensions such as Zhejiang lukewarm city, Ning Bo exceed the reclaimed rubber of 100 thousand tons of class to produce base; Built useless tire to reclaim, the industrial chain that dismantles one continuous line of second birth and solution, treatment, deep treatment. The reclaimed rubber of our country has exported 20 many nations of world and area, the country also begins even the main production of natural balata Malaysia, Indonesia to import reclaimed rubber from China; Especially reclaimed rubber goods more get the favour of the international market, annual only the exit of glue board amounts to 100 thousand tons of above; Whole set equipment and manufacturing technology also are exported in succession.

Be worth what carry is, the own innovation technology that our country uses a field circularly in useless tire is achieved 60 multinomial, recover from an illness especially the development of balata, after making useless balata passes second birth, can restore its the 80% above of former glue function, achieved the major breakthrough of reclaimed rubber technology, from reclaimed rubber production for China big country turns into powerful nation of reclaimed rubber production laid solid foundation. Current, the developed country that includes the United States inside also begins to seek advanced reclaimed rubber technology from China in succession.

On this meeting, chinese tire overhaul and loop use association to recover from an illness unlock of Li Rulin of balata branch secretary-general the mystery that industry of Chinese reclaimed rubber grows quickly: China is balata consumption big country, balata consumption already resided the world 5 years continuously the first; And China is balata resource very the country of deficient, the natural balata of 60% above counts an import. He says, this kind of fundamental national condition that is China promoted the rapid development of industry of Chinese reclaimed rubber.
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