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Canadian tire company uses SeeS program successfully

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Software of Sai Jie of provider of famous government solution announced the whole world October 6, the SeeS that the company just rolls out (Sage Extended Enterprise Suite, sai Jie expands company application is covered) the solution has been in Canada famous tire is wholesale hold shopkeeper K.K concurrently. Success application received in company of Penner Tire Centers. Speak of the effect after the line on the project, k.K. Sylvia Balcaen of director of Penner company administration expresses, "Current, we are in the respect such as service of sale site, client, inventory management and financial forms for reporting statistics, use a centralized system to undertake administrative entirely. Store when information when a place, company can all the more is visited conveniently, use and share these information content. "  

K.K. Penner company is having 80 old development histories, the Mannituoba that its headquarters is located in Canada is saved (Manitoba) , subordinate has 4 branches. All the time since, k.K. Penner company is the tire that spreads all over Canada wholesale with shopkeeper people the tire product that offerring high quality and service, depend on its enough stock and efficient, knowledgeability employee rank, the outstanding client that company place offers experiences what the respect won an user to hand in a mouth to praise. In going more than 20 years, k.K. Penner company employs solution of Sage Accpac ERP all the time, will promote business use
Battalion level, help enterprise offers needs product kimono Wu for the client. Balcaen says, 1991, stem from the demand that the hope has dogging administrative to inventory with the computer, make K.K. Penner deploy solution of Sage Accpac ERP; Gotten results is, the business dimensions of the company enlarged 10 times gradually. And sell a level to drive an enterprise to rise further, k.K. Penner company decides to carry out new SeeS solution, the sale of company of support of in order to, sale and the government that the client serves work.   

Balcaen expresses, "We hope to be able to a system helps an enterprise provide better client service, and the sale that the SageCRM product that includes in SeeS will conduce to us and the data that serve personnel to win concerned client in time - from sale history circumstance, to open bill, wait to conversational record and note data again. K.K. The target of Penner should become to face a client truly namely, " it is with the client cordial " enterprise, and we believe, seeS will help us achieve this one grand goal. "  

Sai Jie expands company application is covered (SeeS) shirt-sleeve the product advantage of ERP and CRM, but to optimize enterprise whole business flow is mixed raise employee work efficiency to provide strong support. Current, seeS has been in K.K. Penner company is carried out successfully, this one conformity applied a system to improve K.K greatly. Penner company heads the decision-making work of the layer, make they can obtain the complete and unified information of concerned client, potential business chance and partner at any time. In the meantime, it still facilitates employee masters what business grows trends to have an insight into information, conduce to effective cooperation is promoted between departmental door, improve their business relation.   
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