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Domestic initiate is the biggest project child smooth machine of midday embryo X

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In Tianjin Inc. of the science and technology that surpass an elephant sees yesterday, by this company the domestic initiate of own research and development, world's greatest TST-YLX-Z is giant project child light of midday embryo X detects machine development is successful, assembling exit to go to company of European some tire. The research and development of this equipment is successful, fill domain of domestic oak machine is large and crucial special detect the blank of equipment, giant to our country project child the product quality of midday embryo also will have monitoring and safeguard effect.

This are giant project child light of midday embryo X detects machine the limits of tire bead diameter that can detect is 25"-63" , tire external diameter can amount to 4 meters many most, make an appointment with 5 tons again. This facility is main by large lead room, segregation main control room, tire carries group of fixed position car, fixed frame, semmetry to turn tire props up an axis head of ball of adjusting gear, ray is adjustable adjust ray of orgnaization, elevator compose, U X receiver and feedback system, boiler circulation cools. As a result of giant project child midday embryo volume is huge, and quality is heavier, each holds discharge tire and rotational tire action when detecting so all is used full automatic turn an operation.

Giant project child light of midday embryo X detects machine it is the detecting with gigantic embryo necessary production equipment. Detect through X light, can detect the static index such as the intensity of steel wire card fabric, strength that prop up, observe clearly the platoon cloth of steel wire is even, have without be out of shape, have foreign matter and symmetry to wait, it is the equipment that makes sure tire quality is indispensable. Only few number company can be produced on eye preexistence bound giant project child light of midday embryo X detects machine, production of the our country before this is giant project child the enterprise of midday embryo can introduce foreign device only.

According to introducing, the main innovation dot of this equipment is: The tire fixed position that is development design carried a car to solve project tire body to accumulate big, quality to weigh, the fixed position that is sent plumbic room and tire not easily and litre fall difficult problem; 2 it is the tire that can turn symmetrically props up an axis adjusting gear, solved pair of gigantic embryoes to rise fall reach rotate detect problem; 3 it is ray ball head adjustable attune whole orgnaization, solved the problem that how fires X smooth ray to undertake detecting to tire.

As we have learned, this equipment already passed European user check and accept, finished last week right giant project child the process that smooth quality of X of midday embryo interior detects. Because value of this equipment sex is greater than the advantage, can create direct economic benefits and social benefit for the user, market prospect is very hopeful.
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