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Gigantic embryo of complete steel of 36.00R51 of group of silver-colored treasur

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On October 5, limited company of group of tire of Shandong silver-colored treasure produces " 36.00R51 is giant tire of project mechanical meridian " the appraisal of achievement of science and technology that saves organization of office of science and technology smoothly through Shandong. Appraisal committee thinks consistently: Integrated technology resides this project banner level of congener product country, fill home is blank; This project adds up to line of shade of range breadth, carcass to choose in decorative pattern, move, the respect such as the recipe undertook innovating designing, own own intellectual property.
In Shandong silver treasure tire group develops production to give China at succeeding on November 20, 2007 complete steel of the first 36.00R51 is giant before project meridian tire, there is Mijilin, Pulisitong, solid to be able to bear or endure only on the world 3 international company produces surprise. To quicken development pace, group of tire of Shandong silver-colored treasure is below the circumstance that can draw lessons from without the data, group of research and development is formed jointly about personnel inside the expert that invited abroad to have experience and home, factory, formulate gives a technology to design plan, construction to design plan, recipe to design plan, technological process plan, equipment to design plan and tool design to make plan; Giant project meridian tire regards as " the first project " will catch, fluctuation be of one mind, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, debug to equipment, the problem of the generation in tire trial-produce, seasonable organization tackles key problem. After be being produced in successful development, group of silver-colored treasure tire relapses to experiment and detect integratedly to this norms tire again, took the lead in undertaking bleb detects in the whole nation light of machine, X detects machine and experiment machine of course of development detect integratedly, detect the result reachs international level.
Group of tire of Shandong silver-colored treasure takes the lead in finishing appraisal of science and technology of gigantic embryo of 36.00R51 complete steel in course of study of countrywide person of the same trade, showed group of silver-colored treasure tire is in complete steel is giant respect of tire research and development has more powerful science and technology and comprehensive strength, in the meantime, also indicating our country is in complete steel is giant tire development respect shortened greatly the difference of as big as international company.