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Nantong answers second birth of balata of butyl of power company successful rese

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The profit of butyl balata second birth that Nantong returns power company was sent to change by the country a few days ago with the project appoint label first resource is managing this year with environmental protection project. At the same time this technology also is sent to change by the country appoint, the resource that ministry of environmental protection ministry, national science and technology maintains the country to encourage development for the country is managing abandon demonstrative project of economy of old balata loop with environmental protection advanced technique and whole nation.
Nantong returns force rubber limited company from establish beginning, hold to from beginning to end " environment of resource conservation, protection " development concept, develop resource to use a career integratedly energetically, advocate and expand circular economy, enterprise useless balata uses a level integratedly to make world person of the same trade place exclaim, of all kinds useless balata reclaims utilization rate achieved 99%% above, make in former days useless balata " black is polluted " became today's " valuable resource " , for the country managing many balata natural resources. In the light of at present enterprise of domestic reclaimed rubber uses canister of to decoke of high temperature trends to produce reclaimed rubber entirely, this company is developed successfully again developed butyl balata high temperature technology of successive second birth, successful exploration gives a resource to change, decrease quantify, harmless change the way that uses useless old tire to produce reclaimed rubber, accomplished clean production, resource truly sustainable, for China useless old balata is used integratedly laid a foundation.