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Company of Chinese car machinery: Lu Gang

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Company of Chinese car machinery: Lu Gang

Company of Chinese car machinery: Lu Gang

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Lu Gang, researcher, limited company of machinery of Chinese highway traffic.

Head office of machinery of Chinese highway traffic is directly under of the Ministry of Communication of People's Republic of China one stage business, basically be traffic industry, highway construction, highway transportation is offerred all-around service.

Subsidiary of directly under of head office of machinery of Chinese highway traffic, it is the total representative that machine of project of Czech STA series is in China, and it is the agency of engage by special arrangement that company of tool of American Stanley hydraulic pressure is in China.

Company with abundant financing, efficient talent, excellent service is backing, supply a representative entrance, make an on-the-spot investigation, seek advice, groom, fittings is supplied wait for a service. Machinery of the road surface machine that my company imports, squeezing ramming machinery, cubic metro of earth and stone, concrete machinery, rise to carry machinery of mechanical, motivation machinery, conserve to all over again sell countrywide each district. For our country construction of advanced course highway provided excellent service.

The company abides by: "The user is consummate, service the first " the tenet wishs to cooperate with sincerity of all circles personage, start good tomorrow in all.