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The car tire raw material that dust gram Sen Meifu rolls out economic fuel

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Company of chemical industry of dust gram Sen Meifu (ExxonMobil) alleged recently, had finished what division of Sa of Peng of American Florida city helps city plant to transform a project, production one kind is used at the new-style raw material of tire, this kind of raw material can raise the fuel of car to use efficiency.

According to introducing, the tire that makes liner layer with new material has exceedingly good gas to maintain the effect, and use raw material is less, can reduce loss of the gas inside tire so, managing the sources of energy and resource. Because ExxcoreDVA product can raise tire interior gas to retain ability, the effect side that saves in fuel is better than other product. And the tall deformation that its combine balata and tall flexibility. And plastic tall air-tightness at an organic whole, the air-tightness that compares balata of butyl of halogenate of common liner layer is 10 times taller. Additional, the wear index of this product is higher than standard liner layer also 50% .

It is reported, whole project invests 1000 much dollars about. The raw material of shape of Exxcore DVA spherule production sells chemical industry of dust gram Sen Meifu the client, film becomes to be used as the liner layer of tire after the client aerates spherule again.

Chemical industry of inspire confidence in sb is in Aikesenmei the partner on project of raw material research and development is yokohama rubber company. Yokohama company will create tire liner layer at Exxcore DVA product was being used since second half of the year 2008.