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East Asia Futures: Rubber Tiaokonggaokai intraday volatility increased

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By the falling dollar and the tightening of global crude oil supply concerns could boost heating oil rose cold weather driving, NYMEX crude oil futures on Friday, rising for three days, another 25-month closing high. NYMEX-1 month crude futures rose $ 1.19 to $ 89.19 a barrel, or 1.35%, to October 7, 2008 the contract has been high in recent months. Before as some investors after a four-session rise to lock in profits before the weekend, on Friday TOCOM Rubber (32900,880.00,2.75%) futures fell 0.3%, the benchmark May contract rose 1.3 yen rubber to each kg of 370.4 yen. Affected by the external disk, today the main contract of 1105 domestic rubber opened higher intraday price shocks walking, prices were hovering in the amount of online, the deadline closed at noon or 2.3%, price is 32755. Spot, the whole market today latex rubber pending order in the amount of 663, slightly lower than the day before the pending order quantity, pending order average price of 31,550 yuan / ton, slightly higher than the previous day; closing at noon in full latex rubber market, no deal. All latex volume last Friday of 1200, the average price was 31,529 yuan / ton, slightly higher than the previous day. News, citing the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, "World News" reported on December 4, President of Thai Rubber Association, pull poor forecast in 2011 rubber prices will continue to increase by 10%, from the current 120 baht per kilogram to 130 baht. Read from the disk and rubber maintain a rebound pattern, but intraday gains are not large, the current price trend fledgling to short-term oriented.