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Qi Lu synthesizes rubber device high production 4 years not to have overhaul

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To in August end, qi Lu synthetic rubber produces device to move 4 years not to have overhaul continuously, synthetic rubber crop exceeds a design every year 3 years to produce continuously can close 40 thousand tons, this year 1-8 month, accumulative total has produced synthetic rubber to be 145 thousand tons, 71.4% be annual struggling target, each moving index maintains higher moving level.
Device of Qi Lu synthetic rubber since from August 2004 portion overhaul drives, be in successive 4 years in moving, factory of Qi Lu rubber
Improve plant hard move to maintain a level with equipment, strengthen breakdown lead precaution and equipment lead to safeguard, eliminate the problem in time in budding condition. This factory is on the local area network open up " equipment issue runs a system " to device moving state executes the online management that monitor, configuration of each equipment movement monitors in rigor entirely and the palm accuses in. Double helix compressor is this factory large scale computer the key equipment in the group, after implementing question management system, maintain staff " act according to actual circumstances " exploration goes out " 3 calm " maintain pattern, adopt according to air temperature change defend measure, the summer installs cooling fan to drop in temperature for compressor, winter is built for compressor temporarily tent heat preservation, compressor lies to be safeguarded meticulously in, move continuously achieve 4 years 6 0 months, in home also be more infrequent
Produce to the influence " bottleneck " problem organization technology tackles key problem, glue fluid canister is to arrange Ding Sheng to produce on-line key equipment, technical personnel is passed drop temperature of glue fluid canister, increase in-house gush to drench, execute " Shuang Fu is condensed " wait for measure, reduced interior to block up not only hang, lengthen cycle of run, still raised economic benefits.
Enter moving last phase, this factory is in charge of line, valve, equipment to corrode in the light of the part wait for a problem badly, start faculty to undertake platoon of special hidden danger checks processing, undertake detecting entirely to press press container, cop, seasonable disappear is short of the space that uses balance production to the hidden trouble of fish safeguard, discover a problem in all this year 519, solve a problem 494, fulfil person specially assigned for a task or job to the defect that cannot treat in time, hang out one's shingle, monitoring of the government that enter grade, made sure device grows cycle to move, make the design produces per year the manufacturing unit that measures 170 thousand tons, produce actually can exceed 200 thousand tons 3 years continuously.