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Frequency of the energy-saving window that decrease a platoon shows hill rubber

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Group of Shanxi synthetic rubber is company of our country's biggest chloroprene rubber production, produce per year chloroprene rubber 25000 tons, because chloroprene rubber is product of high-energy bad news, accordingly, energy-saving decrease a platoon to be attached most importance to especially to this company should.

In last few years, this company in order to found an environment friendly model the enterprise is a target, hold to the way that green develops. See from inside a group of data hill rubber group is energy-saving not hard the level sex positive result that the place that decrease a platoon obtains: Coal of mark of bad news of 10 thousand yuan of production value was achieved 2007 1. 788 tons, drop compared to the same period 23. 6 % , day answers the water in using 7000 tons, year reduce soot 917 tons, 2 oxidation sulfur 887 tons.

2007, hill rubber group is energy-saving working job is formidable, country be includinged works an energy-saving enterprise and Shanxi to save double a hunderd schools in energy-saving enterprise, and signed book of energy-saving target responsibility with group of Chinese chemical industry and Great Harmony municipal government. Wherefrom rises momently, , they made taller energy-saving target, from management at the same time hand rises complete an economic accounting consciousness, should be in a company not only the account, account that distinguish a works, refine account of team and group even. Strengthen energy-saving conduct propaganda, increase complete an energy-saving consciousness, continue to advocate " managing for a time a piece of an a report, water, one dribble, glue, paper " goodness, form good managing atmosphere and culture.

In last few years, this company was finished multinomial and energy-saving decrease a special project, include sewage system to transform among them, gas furnace replaces chloric alkaline plant, steam plant boiler is transformed, dust catcher is transformed, electroanalysis transformation commutate unit is newer, screw unit is newer, dust catcher of end of kiln of kiln of cement plant size is transformed wait for 9 big. They return the water in strengthening to answer with transform, the water in June 2007 is answered move formally with new tube net, try through a few months move, water of production of tower of refrigeration of the working procedure that take off analyse converts the craft result with biochemical cooling water is favorable, achieved design requirement. According to statistic, the cooling system after transforming is company bolt managing production water 800-1000 ton, ton underwater of caustic soda bad news fell 37. 5 % .

Because Yuan Fucai makings rises in price, interior is dug go into energy-saving Chongzhongzhi is heavy in last few years. Hill rubber group from which water is answered with, electric transform, boiler is transformed close stop high cost can device issued very big determination, hold to " old chemical industry, new material " this manages a concept, raise old boy to produce the moving rate of device stage by stage. Carried out hundreds ability to revise a project early or late, small to electric machinery transducer, arrive greatly of partial plant change, partial project is calculated according to energy-saving capacity in those days with respect to disinvestment. In boiler energy-saving in transforming a process, transformed water film dust catcher newlier, added diversion fender, introduce mix into of clear liquid of calcium carbide broken bits to enter remove dust circular water, those who use clear liquid of rock broken bits is alkalescent counteract effect to improve desulphurization result, remove dust efficiency rises apparently. The flue gas of installation is online the data of the appearance that monitor shows, discharge capacity of the soot discharge capacity of the flue gas after transforming, 2 oxidation sulfur is reduced apparently, achieve a country to discharge a standard entirely. The moving result after be being transformed to boiler undertakes checking making clear, the efficiency of boiler all had rise significantly.
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