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Han peaceful tire " main attack " frequency of card car market passes news of vi

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Rely on a technology to make the product that fits most for the client, han peaceful tire is in in extending market of calorie of passenger car tire, hand over a satisfactory exam paper. Recently, headquarters of China of Han peaceful tire transmits a message, at present Han peaceful tire was obtained in of below division of group of oil natural gas two transport companies approbate, supply high-powered complete steel to its child midday embryo, in the meantime, many transportation enterprises, public transportation enterprise already began and other places of Heibei, Xinjiang use Han Tai blocks a passenger car (abbreviation TBR, truck And Bus Radial) tire. A series of collaboration show Han peaceful tire to march energetically this year this one strategy acquires market of calorie of passenger car tire effect, make Han peaceful brand be in competition is intense " big embryo " firm ground takes next position in the market.

From 2004 since, han peaceful tire all the time business of tire of passenger car of actively development card, 2008 beginning, will block market of passenger car tire to regard its as the strategic key in Chinese market annual more. To achieve a goal, han peaceful tire is having vigorous effort from each respects such as research and development, production, channel, market.

The road to get used to China besides, research center of technology of China of Han peaceful tire (CTC) research and development and reformed the product of tire of card passenger car that gets used to different road surface and use condition, include to block passenger car complete steel child midday embryo AH85/87/82/88/08, DH80, tip lorry uses complete steel child midday embryo AM81, DM80/81, the bus uses complete steel child a variety of decorative pattern such as midday embryo AL81, AH82/83, AU80 and norms, the wear-resisting of these decorative pattern and be able to bear or endure carry function to all be behaved exceedingly good. "What the transport company below oily banner offers our Xiang Zhongshi is medium the new product that AH87 of tire of short distance van is this year, this decorative pattern has deep groove, use wear-resisting, low calorific material, reflect wear-resisting of train in excess specified length and heat-resisting, carring capacity, safety to hold accuse to wait for outstanding performance, the material benefit that also brings province oil at the same time brings an user. " bell of gold of chief inspector of market of tire of passenger car of card of headquarters of China of Han peaceful tire 100 say.

Current, han peaceful tire invests enlarge through increasing can, tire of passenger car of card of its China factory is produced already can reach the capacity that produces per year 1.7 million. Had the assurance of crop and technology, han peaceful tire adjusts current channel further, be in China quickly many cities advance brand shop of calorie of passenger car tire -- TBX, dimensions already exceeded 50 now. Meaning of Han peaceful tire is in make consumer familiar understand a product while, get corresponding tire maintains maintenance coachs and serve.
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