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Energy-saving achievement change goes reclaimed rubber

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In recent years, the emerge in large numbers in abandoning balata to use a trade integratedly many new technologies and new equipment. These manufacturing efficiency are taller, cover an area of a face to if can win comprehensive application,accumulate the new-style equipment with smaller, lower investment and craft, the unit specific power consumption that reclaimed rubber produces can reduce 30 % - 36 % .

Useless tire smashs equipment

The useless inclined disintegrator that hand in an embryo 1996, mechanical limited company develops the 3rd balata of Changzhou city above all the 2nd generation is useless inclined hand in an embryo to smash special type -- φ 450 without disintegrator of platen of normal temperature of speed ratio gear. 560 channel light rolls 510 × of this type and generation φ disintegrator photograph is compared, stand-alone yield can rise 22 % above, outfit engine power is reduced 29. 33 % , rolled steel wastage reduces 40 % , the first time that realized useless balata to use domain tool innovation integratedly to design leaps. This year, this type already used planetary decelerate machine and machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank to replace machine of decelerate of traditional structure soft tooth flank entirely, use structure of drive of straight drive type, stand-alone is managing matrix steel expects 2. 6 tons of above, electric machinery output is twisted be apart from efficiency to raise 20 % above. Current, this type is the main type of the inclined disintegrator that hand in an embryo.

Useless complete steel child at the beginning of this century of midday embryo disintegrator, dalian disintegrator of oasis of city of 3 link firm, Sheng fetterses limited company, Sichuan inferior development of limited company of couplet balata machinery goes complete steel of 10 thousand tons of class child product line of pink of midday embryo glue. Working procedure of this craft early days uses great merit to act according to crusher to undertake stripping and slicing to complete steel embryo broken, metaphase smashs those who use the large rub of own innovation to cut structural disintegrator to realize steel wire and balata is efficient come off, later period uses the flute profile millstones of different structure to produce noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of 60-120 eye glue. Come nearly 5 years, ceaseless innovation undertook on the use that this structure disintegrator cuts horn and material of alloy of new-style and durable special type in cutting tool. Feedback according to the data, what this product line uses cutting tool life to already rose by 300 hours 10 years ago, the maintenance that dropped product line greatly charge, the industrialized level of this system also is achieved and exceed other country the technical level of congener product.
Disintegrator of embryo of rolling-type steel wire passes exploration of 3 years, beijing is permanent the complete steel embryo of company of the pink that promote glue and research and development of collaboration of plant of products of rubber of jade Tian Jingfen smashs special machine already gained a success. This machine uses what develop independently to cut circle, rolling cut, build bead and φ 450 disintegrator, structure of product line mechanical design is novel, simple, manufacturing efficiency is tall, uphold charge little, accord with completely " simple, efficient, practical, energy-saving " concept. Electric current of this machine moving bear is smooth, pink of 36 eye glue produces total power consumption to be 82 kilowatt hour about; Installed capacity turns into by 75 kilowatt 55 kilowatt, power of managing outfit engine 22. 9 % , power consumption is small and smash efficiency is tall; Working noise is 62 decibel only, the machine that uses decelerate machine structure than traditional structure was reduced 22. 5 % .
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